January 21, 2011

The Aware Baby: A Review

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The author of The Aware Baby, Alteha J Solter, PhD, is a well-known and highly respected developmental psychologist. She founded The Aware Parenting Institute with instructors in over 13 countries. She has written a sequel to The Aware Baby, called Helping Young Children Flourish, another book called Tears and Tantrums, as well as Raising Drug-Free Kids. She is well-known for her non-punitive parenting style when it comes to discipline.

The Aware Baby is a must-have for new parents. Understanding the non-verbal language of babies, i.e. crying, can sometimes be daunting. With the help of Aletha Solter’s book and her extensive knowledge and experience of developmental psychology in babies/children, new parents will learn to bond with their baby. They will also understand why babies cry and how to respond to their cries without lasting psychological damage to the infant.

The author advocates attachment parenting and gives ideas of alternatives to “traditional” punishment. New parents will find the section on solving sleep and feeding issues extremely helpful. Other topics dealt with are: temper tantrums, toilet training, separation anxiety, co-sleeping and other issues parents with infants and toddlers will face.

The book provides easy-to-do exercises for parents to explore their own feelings about certain subjects and how to nurture and grow the bond between your baby and yourself. It is a book full of valuable information on raising a happy and emotionally healthy infant/toddler.

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