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Success Tips for Hardening Off Seedlings

Moving from an indoor environment to an outdoor one is a very big adjustment for a plant. After all, in your home or greenhouse, the temperature is constant, watering is regular, and there is no wind nos pests to contend with.

Outdoors, on the other hand, plants confront wind, extreme temperatures, animals, and other harsh realities. So it’s a good idea to take things slow when moving seedlings from inside your home or greenhouse to the outdoors.

Here are some success tips for hardening off seedlings:

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Bokashi Composting (Failure) in the Winter

I began Bokashi composting last Fall, and I’ve really enjoyed it. We were able to significantly reduce the amount of trash that we send to our local landfill, because our little family of five (now four, with the eldest child in university) generates a LOT of food trash.

But then winter came, the ground froze, and it became impossible for the hubby to keep burying the Bokashi compost. Since then, I haven’t been able to keep up with the amount of Bokashi compost we’ve been producing.

I chose to bury them in a huge container in the garage, and cover it with soil. This has been a big pain in the you-know-what. When it’s very cold, I don’t like going outdoors and definitely not in a cold garage.

Plus it’s very messy. I can no longer rinse out the Bokashi buckets outside, but have to clean them in the laundry room. Yuck.

Is it any wonder I keep putting it off?

Meantime, all three of my Bokashi buckets are full, and we’ve been having to throw some food trash in the landfill again.

(Hanging my head in shame)

My other option is to simply put everything in garbage bags, place them in the garage or behind the garage, and bury them under the ground when spring comes. If someone can tell me how to effectively knot and seal a garbage bag, it would be great.

I remember it was also in the wintertime when our Green Cone became anaerobic and stopped working. The solution to this predicament is too disgusting to even discuss here. Need I say hubby and I still haven’t done it and we have a hole with gross stuff in it in the backyard? At least, it has a cover 😉 Every time I come near it, I imagine some ungodlyy creature has mutated inside and is waiting to eat me.

If you do composting, how do you it in the winter time? I’d appreciate any tips you could give!

Lexi Rodrigo

PS: If you’re interested in Bokashi composting yourself, here’s the most affordable Bokashi bucket I’ve found on I was surprised at how sturdy this bucket is, despite the price:

Quest for Non-stick Cookware Ends Here

I have a confession to make.

Until recently, I’ve been turning a blind eye and deaf ears to people saying how bad non-stick pans and skillets are for us. Even when I went through one non-stick skillet after another, replacing them as soon as their non-stick coating flaked off.

But finally, a few months ago, after my latest non-stick skillet stopped being non-stick, because of over-zealous cleaning sessions, I decided I’d had enough of non-stick cookware!

Which of course left me in a quandary. I am The Queen of Quick Cooking, The Diva of Easy Cleaning. How was I to survive without non-stick cookware?

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December 20, 2011

Keep Your Winter Air Filtered and Clean

Snow falling, cold wind blowing. The furnace clicks on. Uh oh! What about all the dust that collected in the air ducts over the year?

Here’s a simple solution to keeping the dusty and even moldy muck from spewing into your air. Make your own washable filters!

Find an old 100% wool sweater; perhaps at your local Salvation Army and wash it in hot, hot water and simple soap in your washing machine. This is not a time to worry about the delicacy of the sweater. We want it to felt up good and thick, even shrink.

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November 30, 2011

Surebonder 5540HOL Holiday Tacker Kit

The Surebonder Holiday Tacker Kit is a low-cost staple gun that every household should have. It’s particularly handy for hanging up holiday lights and garlands, as well as other cables and knick knacks around your house. The kit comes with 60 staples and 30 insulators to protect the wiring.

The device is easy to use and sets the staples securely without damaging wiring. If you, like so many people during the holiday season, hang up strings of garlands and holiday lights in and around your home, the Surebonder Holiday Tacker Kit will certainly make the job of fastening them much quicker and easier.

Overall, this is a great and inexpensive tool to own.

Buy the Surebonder 5540HOL Holiday Tacker Kit from Amazon for $11.16 (25% off)