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November 29, 2011

Review: Reverse Charades

A few months ago, I received a complimentary copy of the game, Reverse Charades, to review on this blog.

I don’t have a big enough family to effectively play team games. Not to mention, our youngest just turned five, so all in all, you’d be talking of two-person teams. But, finally, on my daughter’s 17th birthday, I had enough people to play it. And they were really “game,” as you will see in this video:

Reverse Charades is pretty simple. Instead of having one person acting out a word and the rest of the team guessing, the roles are reversed. One person guesses, while everyone else in the team acts out a word.

The game is made up of a timer and a set of word cards. That’s all you need.

What did I think of this game? Read on.

The Good

  • It’s fun. Even when the words are simple, someone’s bound to act like a da*n fool. Which means laughter all around. No alcohol required.
  • It’s easy. Even my five-year-old got in on the act.
  • It’s portable. You can bring the game anywhere and not have to worry about losing a gazillion little parts.

The Bad

  • It took me weeks to convince my older kids to play this game the way it’s meant to be played. They kept insisting on doing it the “old” way. Stubborn mules!
  • The hourglass broke easily. No matter, you can just as easily use the timer on your iPhone. Or do as my kids and their friends did and ditch the timer altogether.
  • At $21.25 in, it’s quite expensive.

The Bottom Line

Reverse Charades is a fresh and fun take on a classic party game.
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November 29, 2011

How to Spiritually Prepare Your Family for the Upcoming Holiday Season

The holidays are a spiritual time, and some families like to prepare for this aspect of the season. Yom Kippur, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so forth all have spiritual origins, aspects, or elements.

Here are some tips for spiritual preparation for the upcoming holidays.

Practice Hospitality

Being hospitable and opening your home to others is a way to promote friendship and feelings of peace in your guests, friends, and family. It’s a good way to meet new people and extend a helping hand to those who may not have family with whom they can celebrate the holidays.

Being hospitable prepares you for the spirit of the holidays, too – it’s a way to give of your time and space, and the holidays are about giving.

Peaceful Home

When you decorate for the holidays, consider the feelings invoked with your decorations. In your doorway, consider hanging a framed blessing or spiritual saying.

Create a sense of peace by avoiding noisy, moving decorations and gaudy lights, and instead decorate simply and with ornaments and items that have personal meaning.

Pray and/or Meditate

Some spiritually-minded people like to pray over and through their entire house before the holiday season. Others pray or meditate to prepare their heart and get in the right mindset for the holidays.


Many religious cultures fast, or abstain from food for a period of time, as part of their religious observance. Fasting can help you prepare your heart and mind as you focus on spiritual matters and overcome your desire for food.

It might help prevent holiday-time overeating, too – discipline is considered as much a spiritual matter as a physical one.

Follow Examples

For holidays like All Saints Day, you can prepare your spirit by following the example of a particular saint. You could volunteer at an animal shelter in honor of St. Francis, for instance, or engage in other acts of service reminiscent of certain saints.

Remember, All Saints Day was enacted to remember the lesser-known or unknown saints in history, so by following a saintly example you are spiritually a part of the celebration.

Cultivate Gratitude and Thanksgiving

During the Thanksgiving season, many people forget the spiritual aspect of the holiday. Gratitude and thankfulness are considered spiritual aspects of a person’s character, and cultivating these important traits is a good way to prepare for the holidays.

Give to Charity

Giving is a significant part of the holiday spirit. Giving to people who can’t give anything back is particularly appropriate for the season. Donate time, money, or items to your favorite charity in a spiritual gesture of goodwill.

The Real Meaning of Christmas

While the spiritual underpinnings of Thanksgiving are sometimes debated, the spiritual meaning of Christmas is generally accepted.

Focus on the true meaning of Christmas and its spiritual implications, and incorporate that aspect of it into your home and family festivities.

November 21, 2011

The Rhythm of Family: Discovering a Sense of Wonder through the Seasons

“The Rhythm of Family” is a lovely and thought-inspiring book by SouleMama blog writer, Amanda Soule. In a time of rushing around, general being busy, computers etc, the book offers gentle and beautiful ideas and thoughts about what it means to be connected, as a family, to nature and its rhythm through the season.

The book starts with January, with thoughts about winter, winter craft and family activities. It continues on through each month with lovely ideas on how to slow down and enjoy nature and family life. This could be by baking bread, writing a family manifesto, enjoying a preserving party in fall, camping, making summer smoothies, taking seasonal walks etc.

If you feel disconnected with your family and the seasons and you would like some ideas and thoughts to slow down and enjoy each other and nature, then reading “The Rhythm of Family” will inspire you.

The book combines seasonal craft with lovely ideas on family activities on how to live a slower family life, but it is also a very personal family journal from a family already connecting with the great outdoors and with themselves.

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