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Non-Toxic Face Painting for Kids

Non-toxic face painting for kidsEvery Halloween, I always try to incorporate face paint in my kids’ costumes.

Face painting is fun. It lets me express my creativity. And it’s a lot safer than Halloween masks, which can limit kids’ ability to see their surroundings — not safe when they’re crossing the street or walking around cars.

Up until recently, I never gave a thought to whether the face paints I’ve been using on my children are safe.

But since I became an Alex+Von consultant, and got enlightened on the irritants, toxins, and other undesirable ingredients in makeup and personal care products, I’ve started looking around for non-toxic face paints for my kids.

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December 7, 2011

Why Simple Is Best – Celebrate This Holiday with Less

Psychologists warn that too many gifts at once can overwhelm and overstimulate children, and cause stress for all ages. These same experts also point out the ingratitude that can result when children are presented with ever-bigger gifts from competing relatives. Adults are faced with finding a place for all the stuff, and the work of cleaning house to get rid of unwanted gifts.

Therefore, simple may be best. But how? Here are some ways you can celebrate the holidays with less.

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December 4, 2011

Craft Ideas to Celebrate Kwanzaa

The colors of Kwanzaa are red, green, and black.

Red represents the struggles of the people.

Black represents the people themselves.

Green represents the future.

Using this color scheme and theme, you can create all kinds of interesting Kwanzaa crafts with the whole family.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Kwanzaa with crafts.

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December 3, 2011

Sled Safety for Children

Remember sledding as a child? Safety was probably the furthest thing from your mind! Over the years, parents have wised up and know that sledding can be dangerous and children can get hurt.

But if it’s done with some safety tips in mind, your kids can have a safe sledding experience.

Here are some tips regarding sled safety for children.

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