December 2, 2009

Christmas Party Games for the Whole Family

Parties are as much a part of the holiday season as gifts and Christmas trees. Whether you’re hosting the party or just showing up, you’ll want to keep a number of Christmas party games in your arsenal.Here are some ideas for party games that the entire family can play.

It’s not too hard to think of party ideas. Some are simply games you have already played but with a holiday theme. Whatever games you play, be sure that you have prizes for the winners.

1. Christmas Word Search – Make several copies for both kids and adults. You can find holiday word searches puzzles on the Internet and in bookstores. Using a timer, give everyone two minutes to find as many words from the list as they can.

2. Name that Holiday Tune – Divide into teams. Someone who is not playing (or who will be the game show host) will think up names for holiday songs and write them on pieces of paper. One person from each team has to take a paper and then hum the tune for the rest of their team. The teammates have one minute to name the holiday tune. If they can’t, the chance passes to the other team.

3. Holiday Win, Lose or Draw – Remember this show? One team member chooses a phrase and then has to draw it for the other members to try and guess. Since it is Christmas, make all of the phrases something to do with the holiday season. Your team gets 90 seconds to guess the right answer. If you don’t, play passes to the other team.

4. Holiday Family Feud – Divide into teams. Ask a question of two opposing team mates. The first one to answer correctly with the highest answer on the board wins control. The rest of the game proceeds just like the game show. Remember to use holiday categories (such as “Name the 12 days of Christmas?”).

5. Christmas Auction House – Instead of giving assorted prizes for winning games, give game money or reindeer bucks. At the end of the game session, each person with money can bid on a gift that they want from the gift table. Everything will be wrapped so they don’t know what they are bidding for. Buy enough gifts for everyone to take home something, even those without money (give them their gift at the door on the way out).

Can you think of more ideas? These are only a few to get you started. When you invite guests to the party, ask them to bring materials and a small, inexpensive prize for at least one party game. You will have a blast until the wee hours of the morning.

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