How to Reduce Household Waste

Since I stopped composting, I’ve been wondering how we can reduce our waste. I’m especially unhappy about sending food waste and other biodegradable trash to landfills, where I know they probably won’t have enough oxygen to decompose properly.

I solved the problem somewhat by feeding what I can to the birds and squirrels (and the occasional stray cat) in our backyard. However, that doesn’t get rid of all our food waste.

So I was extremely happy when I discovered a product that can “digest” all food waste, including raw food and animal bones. Plus, unlike a compost, this solution does not require any babysitting or maintenance whatsover. I’m talking about the Green Cone Food Waste Digester:

Green Cone Food Waste Digester

The Green Cone needs to be installed in a sunny part of your yard. After it’s installed, all you do is put your food waste into the cone and let sunlight, microorganisms and worms (which pass freely through the basket situated underneath the ground) do their work. Your food waste turns into water, air and a small amount of waste material.

Unlike composting, you don’t harvest compost material from a green cone. Neither do you have to worry about layering, maintaining an optimal temperature, or making sure there’s enough air, heat, etc in the compost pile.

Watch this video to see how a green cone is installed and how it works:
Because food waste can make up to 30% of total household waste, using a Green Cone can help reduce your home’s landfill contribution by that much.

Click here to see where you can purchase a Green Cone.

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Alexis Rodrigo

  • Roxanne says:

    That looks interesting. We have been looking for something like this to reduce our waste and put it back into the earth. I will look into this, thanks!

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this. It’s really interesting concept. People will love it as the waste is going back to Earth and not harming anybody. Hope to get some more new concepts from you soon.
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