Natural Skin Products: Homemade Astringent for Acne Prone Skin

Pincushion Flower and Spent Bloom

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An astringent helps remove the last traces of cleanser from your skin. It can also remove excess oil inbetween cleansing, which may be needed especially for acne prone skin. Try this homemade version made with all natural ingredients.


8 oz distilled water or a floral water
2 drops Lavender essential oil
1 drop Palmarosa essential oil
1 drop Rosewood essential oil

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Natural Skin Products Recipes

There just isn’t any need to spend a ton of money on all natural skin products when you can make them from simple ingredients at home. Here is a collection of recipes you can print out and share. You know what would be really fun? Get together with some friends, buy up the ingredients, and have a homemade skin care party!

Skin Home Remedies Straight From Your Kitchen
Some of the foods you’re eating can also be used on your skin as homemade skin care products. Learn more.

Skin Home Remedies: DIY Facials
Don’t spend a fortune on skin care products. You can make your own homemade facials from ingredients you have in your kitchen.

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Lose Pregnancy Weight – Join Me in the Fit Yummy Mummy Challenge!

Update (January 12, 2009):

After doing the Fit Yummy Mummy workout for a couple of weeks, I noticed my clothes were looser! I could also see my arms getting more toned.

I also finally joined Club Fit Yummy Mummy, the online community of Fit Yummy Mummy ownders. Why did I wait so long? As a Christmas gift, Holly gave us access to the exercise videos, which she normally sells. I saw that I was actually doing some of the moves wrong. Mostly, I was doing them too fast.

From the forum, I also got answers to my workout questions, such as: what cardiovascular exercise can I do when it’s too cold outside for my usual walk? Thankfully, the answers did not involve buying a treadmill or any other new equipment.

Unfortunately, a series of illnesses made me stop exercising altogether over the holidays. Holly’s motivational Emails with tips on how to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain – while still enjoying the parties – were a big help.

Now a case of chilblains has got me on my feet again and back to my Fit Yummy Mummy workouts. Man, this feels good! I cannot wait to look even better than before I got pregnant for the third time.


Most people who know me would be surprised that I am writing about how to lose pregnancy weight. After all, I’ve always been underweight – still am. But after having 3 babies and with my 40th birthday fast approaching, I find myself underweight and flabby. My arms jiggle, my abs are soft. My daughters tease me about it and I say, “That’s from having you!” But I know that I better build some muscle or else my metabolism will slow down, I WILL gain weight more easily than before, and worst of all, I will become more susceptible to weight gain-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

I have been pushing away these thoughts from my mind because I wasn’t prepared to do what I knew was needed to reverse this downward trend that I’m on. Until I discovered the Fit Yummy Mummy program. I’m not new to exercising. In fact, before I got pregnant for the third time, I had been working out in a gym regularly. Plus, I own a dozen exercise DVDs.

But the Fit Yummy Mummy program is different:

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October 3, 2008

How to Make Yogurt – The Lazy Mom’s Method

Cac?k, a Turkish cold appetiser yoghurt variety.

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I’ve been making yogurt at home for about almost 8 years now and I’ve developed my own lazy Mom’s method. Now I am sharing with you my own method for how to make yogurt, without having to scald milk or use thermometers or anything like that. My reasoning is, since yogurt has been around for hundreds of years, I’m sure people who’ve been making yogurt all that time did not do it so precisely! My “lazy Mom” method is simple and easy but it works. Try it and soon you’ll be enjoying yogurt and its benefits.

For my simplified version of how to make yogurt, you’ll need the same ingredients as the basic yogurt recipes. You’ll also need a yogurt maker. I use the Salton Yogurt Maker (see below), available in, and I’ve had great success with it.

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September 26, 2008

Homeschooling Programs for Toddlers

A painter in to his work
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Last week, I was looking for homeschooling programs for toddlers. You see, I’ve decided to homeschool my toddler. I’m not really a homeschooling Mom. My two older children attend regular school. I do consider myself a “blended schooling” Mom: I recognize my role as my children’s first teacher and teach them whatever I feel their schools cannot or do not teach. I’ve taught my two oldest children to read and, when they were still in secular schools, we had Catholic catechism at home. I also augmented my first daughter’s preparation for Holy Communion with special “classes” at home.

Well, now that I’m a stay and work at home Mom, I thought it would be great to homeschool the little one before he reaches school age. I spent a couple of hours online looking for homeschooling programs for toddlers. I was disappointed. The few that I found were paper-and-pencil activities, which in my opinion are not appropriate for two-year-olds.

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