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5 Uses for Baby Furniture After Baby Grows Up

Don’t you just love finding multiple uses for things? If so, then you’ll enjoy this guest post. You don’t have to get rid of the baby furniture when your youngest baby grows up. Just check out all the possibilities below.

by Kaitlin Krull

Choosing furniture for your new baby’s nursery is exactly like shopping for a new car: exciting, nerve wracking, and so (so) expensive.

After months of searching for the right pieces to fit you and your family, you finally choose the perfect models. Once you’ve kitted out your baby’s room with the finest furniture money (and baby shower gift cards) can buy, you might think your job is done.

Fast forward five or 10 years, when your children have moved out of the nursery and are on to bigger and better things, like bunk beds, computer desks, and forts. Your precious furniture is left in the garage and you can see the money you’ve wasted.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! Over at Modernize, we know this sad story, and are here to help you out with a little upcycling DIY.

Here are five of the most ingenious (and simple) ways to reuse your baby furniture once your little one is all grown up.Continue reading

October 24, 2011

Starting a Family on a Budget


Parents and heads of households can initiate a family budget for any number of reasons, and methods used to enforce the spending restrictions can vary according to household structures. But if possible, engage all members of the family who can comprehend the concept to assist in the process, reinforcing both the idea and the reality of financial management as well as encouraging full compliance and voluntary reductions.

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November 27, 2009

Frugal Gift Giving for Teachers

Teachers are important in our children’s lives. They spend hours with our children, five days a week. They teach our kids important facts and model good behavior all year long. This holiday season, make sure to make a special place for teachers on your Christmas list.

Frugal Gifts for Teachers

You might be saying that it is all well and good to include them, but where is the money coming from? With economic pressures all over the world, adding more people to the Christmas list is not the direction to take.

Don’t fret. You can use the following frugal gift ideas to give each teacher a present from the heart of a student who wants to show their appreciation. Teachers do take on a lot of responsibility in an often thankless profession.

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