November 27, 2009

Frugal Gift Giving for Teachers

Teachers are important in our children’s lives. They spend hours with our children, five days a week. They teach our kids important facts and model good behavior all year long. This holiday season, make sure to make a special place for teachers on your Christmas list.

Frugal Gifts for Teachers

You might be saying that it is all well and good to include them, but where is the money coming from? With economic pressures all over the world, adding more people to the Christmas list is not the direction to take.

Don’t fret. You can use the following frugal gift ideas to give each teacher a present from the heart of a student who wants to show their appreciation. Teachers do take on a lot of responsibility in an often thankless profession.

1. Give food gifts. You can give cakes, cookies and other confections. If you want to give a gift that will keep, create cookie or soup jars as gifts. This requires that you combine the dry ingredients of a recipe in layers in a large Mason jar. Tie a recipe card to the jar with directions for adding the other ingredients later.

2. Have the kids create home-made Christmas cards. A card gives them the space to write a special greeting to their teachers. Use construction paper or cardstock for the card and let kids add eye-catching decorations: glitter, markers, decorative ribbon and the like. You can find instructions for making your own snowflake Christmas cards here and recycled Christmas cards here.

3. Give a yearbook picture. Each year schools take student photos. Parents always buy more than they need and have pictures left over. Place the picture inside one of these home-made Christmas cards or inside a holiday frame to give to their teachers.

4. Make a donation in their name. You may not have much money but you can use what you have to donate to a number of causes in the teacher’s name. Present them with the card describing the donation you made in their name.

5. Gift baskets are economical. Gift baskets allow you to give large or small gifts to others. Using a small basket, head off to the dollar store. They have nice gifts there that can fill that basket for a child’s teacher. Cover the basket with cellophane to hold everything in place. One idea is a basket full of school supplies. Teachers can always use more of those for their classroom.

6. Draw a picture. Artwork is all the rage. Have your child draw a special picture for their teacher. When it’s done (and dried if they used paints), frame and wrap it for gift presentation.

Your kids don’t have to leave their teachers out of the Christmas gift giving this year, even if the budget is a little tight. Use the above six ideas to get started with your frugal gift giving so each teacher can receive a treat from one of their favorite students.

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