6 Tips for Boosting the Family Income

Unfortunately, the economy is not recovering enough to result in substantial salary increases. According to some sources, salaries were up less than 2% in both 2011 and 2012. This means that many people are turning to income streams beyond their main jobs.

So here are 6 tips for boosting the family income. Some are easier than you’d think!

1. Sell Books

Despite the ebook revolution, there is still a market for hard copy books – a pretty big market. Try typing “cash for books” or “sell used books” into your web browser and explore the sites that are dedicated to this market. EBay and Amazon are well-known and are certainly options, but you might find something that’s a little easier and doesn’t involve fees, especially if you have newer books (less than 3 years old) to sell.

2. Blogging

If you have something to write about that you think others could benefit from, start up a blog. Research successful blogs and learn how to monetize it (I learned how to earn income from blogs by joining Solo Masterminds). You may end up with multiple blogs, all generating a little income to help out. You just have to be able to write quickly and write well, and have something to share that’s valuable information.

3. Clean Houses

This is something you can do with your children in tow if necessary. There are many people who will hire a house cleaner, and if your rates are competitive (check your local house cleaning services to find out how much they charge), you may wind up with regular clients.

4. Pet Sit

There is always a need for competent, trustworthy pet sitters. Word of mouth and a little community advertising can get the word out, and you can take in some extra cash for watching people’s pets when they are out of town. If you can care for farm animals, this can open up even more possibilities; you could care for the entire farm while the owners are away. Or you can just do some dog walking. No matter what you choose, animal care has potential.

5. Tutor

What do you know? Teach it! You can offer to help local high school students with their English papers, for instance, or see if any elementary school kids need help with math or homework supervision. Maybe a student with a learning disability needs a proofreader or editor. Or perhaps the local YMCA would like an art teacher for an after-school program. Or offer to teach a crafting class at your community center.

The possibilities are numerous! See if you can branch off from your area of expertise and teach others.

6. Create a Phone App

Do you have some technical expertise? There’s a pretty good market for phone apps, and they do not have to cost a lot to develop. And it’s only getting easier as new phones and technology make the process smoother. Popular apps can generate quite a bit of cash.

Which of these ideas make you feel excited? Or did they spark new ideas for you?

Let us know which ideas you’re going to try in the comments below.

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