What to Look for in Baby Clothes

Below is a post from Marks & Spencer, one of my favorite stores. I’d like to add that, aside from zippers, you’ll want to beware of long ties and ribbons on baby’s clothes, because these pose a strangulation hazard.

How to Make Your Baby Protected and yet Fashionably Cute

When it comes to dressing your baby with the latest fashion trends, there’s no pressure of disappointing your babies. There’s no real reason to go for anything expensive as long as safety is prioritized. Whatever you decide to put on your little angel, as long as it keeps them warm on a cold winter night or cool during summer, then you are good to go.

Here are a few tips to keep your baby fashionably cute and happy:

Going green

With fabric technology improving over the years, the trend to go for eco-friendly clothes is making its way in the fashion industry, even when it comes to baby fashion. Instead of cotton, you may want to look for organic bamboo. This new type of clothing is not only fashionable but also way healthier than ordinary clothes. See, these types are said to have antibacterial properties and adjust quite well when your baby’s body temperature changes.

Functionality over flash

Unlike today’s modern Paris runways that prefer the majestic over the simple types, functionality takes priority over flash. Avoid those extra dangling accessories like feathers or beads as they might cause allergies. Whether you fancy Marks and Spencer’s fashionably cute sleepwear or prefer an ordinary blanket to cover your little angel during cold nights, it would be best to find something that provides real comfort for your baby.

Avoid zippers

Zippers are generally not advisable for babies. They could be dangerous especially when they get stuck with the baby’s skin. If you can’t avoid buying clothes without zippers, you should at least have zipper guards.

Hats and bonnets when outdoors

Hats and bonnets can shield your baby from the heat of the sun, but when your baby is indoors or about to sleep, these should be taken off. In fact, they can pose as choking hazards too. When these clothes are left on, your baby might get too hot and might get sick as well. Remember, the golden rule for baby clothes is to keep them as simple and comfy as possible.

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