Organize seed packets

Organizing Seed Packets: Ultimate Solution Found!

One of the dangers of growing plants in the Tower Garden is that you’re going to want to grow All. The. Things.And soon, you’ll find yourself buying. All. The. Seeds.You’ll find yourself accumulating and juggling and struggling to organize all those seed packets. You’ll be wondering how to organize seeds conveniently.Maybe at first, you simply placed them in a drawer.Then,

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Grow sweet potatoes in the Tower Garden

Grow Sweet Potatoes in the Tower Garden: Experiment Update

Who says you can't grow tubers in the Tower Garden? In fact, some people have tried to grow root crops and other unusual plants on the Tower Garden, with hilarious results. Image Credit: Tower Garden Can You Grow Sweet Potatoes in the Tower Garden? I wanted to do something different. I wanted to grow a root crop, but not for

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how to propagate comfrey

Update on Comfrey, the Miracle Plant!

When folks say comfrey is a miracle plant, boy, they weren't kidding! I received two comfrey cuttings — for free — from a member of our local gardening group. From these two cuttings, I got 18 crown and root pieces to propagate, or potentially 18 new plants. Propagate Comfrey from Crowns Some of them I planted as crowns and others

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Gardening community

I Joined A Local Gardening Community!

If you recall, in the previous post, I recommended joining a seed/plant exchange group on Facebook. Well, I took my own advice and joined this one: Here's a seed and plant exchange group I found after a quick search on Facebook. A lot has happened since then. I've: given away all my extra lemongrass plants received a couple of comfrey

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Get Free Plants

3 Ways to Get Free Plants for Your Garden

Beware: Growing your own edible foods will get you hooked on … growing more!Before you know it, you’re buying more seeds and seedlings.And even though each one isn’t expensive, they sure can add up.But don’t worry.Even if you have a tight budget, you can still get new plants, whether for your Tower Garden or in-soil garden.3 ways for you to

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Tower Garden in a Heat Wave

Tower Garden Growing In a Heat Wave

Whether or not you believe in climate change, the fact is that summer can get hot enough to stress out the plants in your Tower Garden. And that would be bad news on so many levels. Stressed out plants emit a hormone that attracts pests. Besides, under heat stress, plant growth and production suffer. Some plants, like lettuce and spinach,

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