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March 3, 2009

Benefits of Breastfeeding


This is a nice article about why “Breast is Best”. I feel compelled to mention, however, that the latest research on breastfeeding and AIDS shows that exclusive breastfeeding is safer for babies of HIV-positive Moms than mixed or formula feeding.

Breast is Best

by: Declan Tobin

Women have been feeding their children this way from the beginning, and it is of course natures intended food, therefore the best nourishment for your child. The decision to breast-feed is entirely up to you and each woman should make up her own mind, it is an individual choice.

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January 15, 2009

Calm A Fussy Baby


This article could be a lifesaver if you’re stressed out by the fussiness of your baby. In addition to these tips, you might want to try something like the Calm Angel Baby Tea.

Baby Fussiness

It’s heartbreaking to see your newborn suffering. You feel so helpless, not to mention tired and worried. The first thing to do if you’re not sure that your baby actually has colic or some other ailment is to see your pediatrician. He or she will be able to confirm if your baby is indeed suffering from colic and even give you some helpful solutions.

Here are a few things you can do to help soothe your baby’s fussing:

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December 9, 2008

Baby Formula Alert: Iron-Fortified Formula Linked to “Neurodevelopmental Delays”

SIAI Warning Sign #2

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jay Dugger

I received an Email recently about the findings of another study that reveals yet another possible danger from baby formula. Knowing that baby formula just isn’t good enough for our babies, I wasn’t surprised to read about it. What did pique my interest – and scare me a little – was the fact that the study was presented publicly in mid-2008 and yet we had never heard about it. So, I am making it a mission of this blog to help publicize the results of that study.

The study was presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies and Asian Society for Pediatric Research Joint Meeting in May 2008. It raised an unexpected [tag-tec]baby formula risk[/tag-tec]: the use of iron-fortified formula among healthy infants was linked to delays in neurobehavioral growth and development.

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November 29, 2008

Tips for Discreet Breastfeeding in Public

Creative Commons License photo credit: diluvi

If you’re a new Mom who is nursing your baby you may be nervous about [tag-tec]breastfeeding in public[/tag-tec].

Or perhaps you are disturbed by media reports of women who are harassed for breastfeeding in public and are considering pumping your milk to give your baby when you leave home.

Here are some tips for discreet nursing that have worked for many Moms. Hopefully they will help you feel more comfortable breastfeeding in public so you can avoid the inconvenience of pumping and preparing bottles.
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