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July 4, 2009

Natural Soap Business

Aquolina Pink Sugar NATURAL BODY SCRUB CREAM with Organic Sugar Cane, Apricot Seed, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E

by Carrie Lauth

You like using natural soap and have been giving your soaps away to all your friends and family. You notice that natural soap is even popping up at the neighborhood grocery and drug store. And now you’re thinking of starting a home business marketing natural soap and want to know how to start. Read on to find your options.

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Home Remedies For Suntan, Sunburn And Sun Poisoning

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!
by Kevin Pederson

* Applying aloe vera juice or gel as it helps in soothing the skin to reduce pain, redness and itchiness

* You can also apply calamine lotion

* You can apply vinegar or apple cider vinegar on you skin which acts as a great remedy for sunburn

* Keep wet towels around the affected area for 10-15 minutes several times a day to soothe the sunburn

* Wash the affected area with anti-bacterial soap to prevent any other kind of an infection

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May 23, 2009

Fragrance – Is It Natural?

Davidoff Cool Water for woman

By Jane Thurnell-Read

95% of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. It has been estimated that more than 3000 different chemicals are used in fragrance production. Do these figures shock you? Yes, manufacturers are very clever – we see the packaging and the adverts showing flowers and nature, and we assume (as the manufacturer intends us to assume) that the fragrance in the product is derived from nature, but most fragrances are chemically derived. They do not use essential oils because they are too expensive. They do use synthetic chemicals because they are cheap.

We are exposed to perfume or fragrance throughout the day. We may not wear perfume ourselves, but our shampoo, soap, shower gel and cosmetics are likely to contain synthetic perfumes, unless we look at the label and shop carefully.

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May 22, 2009

Skin-tastic facts!

Green Eyes

© by Audrey King

One of the hardest hygienic chores is to generate and keep healthy skin.

It takes work but it’s not unattainable.

A daily routine is all you need and must have while drinking plenty of water each and every day.

But first, let’s get to know the skin you’re in.

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