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100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara – For Those Who Could Never Wear Mascara

Mascara irritated eyes

I’m not fond of mascara. It’s hard to put on properly and even harder to take off. The worst part is getting teary, irritated eyes, and seeing my eyelashes fall off!

Is it possible to find a gentle, all-natural mascara  free of toxins and chemical dyes?

If such a mascara exists, where can I get the best deal on it?

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Organic Makeup Brands: Are They Worth It?

Organic Makeup Brands

If you have skin sensitivities, or simply are an enlightened consumer who wants to avoid synthetic and toxic chemicals in your beauty products, no doubt you’ve been shopping for organic makeup brands.

Trouble is, finding and buying organic makeup isn’t as easy as getting ordinary makeup.

For one thing, it’s hard to find makeup that’s truly organic. Just because “organic” is plastered on a product’s label or package doesn’t always guarantee you’re getting something pure and toxin-free. The product could contain an organic ingredient that’s only 0.05% of the entire formulation yet still make that claim.

You’ll have to closely read the product’s ingredients list to make sure it doesn’t contain known allergens and toxins. Some personal care products, like perfumes, are not required by law to list all their ingredients. You’ll have to call the manufacturer and ask what their ingredients are. Even then, you may not get a complete answer.

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Review: Rena Levi Vanishing Act Soap and Amazing Scrub

I must be getting a reputation as someone interested in natural acne solutions, because a representative from the Rena Levi company contacted me about reviewing their products.

In this post, I’m going to tell you about my experience with the Rena Levi Vanishing Act soap and Amazing Scrub. I received samples for free to try out:

rena levi vanishing act soap review  Rena Levi Amazing Scrub

According to the product information I received, the Vanishing Act soap is supposed to be much more than soap. Aside from cleansing, it also tones, exfoliates balances, and renews. This makes it very attractive to people like me who don’t want a five-step skin care ritual. I wash and moisturize — that’s it!

I used the soap for about one month and the scrub once during that time (since you’re supposed to use it only once a month), and here are the results I got.

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Review: Mineral Makeup by Coastal Scents

When I found out that mineral makeup is best for acne, I went to one of my favorite makeup stores, Coastal Scents, and ordered their mineral makeup.

Coastal Scents Mineral Makeup Review

From left to right: samples of Diva Defense Primer, Silk Cover Mineral Foundation, Multi-Purpose Concealer, and Veil Effect Mineral Powder


This post is my unbiased review of the Coastal Scents mineral makeup. I like the quality of Coastal Scents makeup. Plus, their prices are reasonable, even the shipping cost, even though I’m all the way in Canada.

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Review: Lavigne Organic Clear Skin Solution

It’s annoying and embarrassing, and it’s been giving me a lot of grief.

I’m talking about adult acne.

I hardly had any breakouts when I was a teenager, but sometime in my 20s, I my skin started breaking out.

I thought – everyone said – I’d have clear skin by the time I hit my 30s, but here I am, in my early 40s and still breaking out!

I’ve tried many things. The best thing, really, is to visit my dermatologist about every two months and use a bunch of chemicals on my skin.

But since moving to Canada, I haven’t been to a dermatologist in years. Plus, I’d really like a gentler way to care for my skin.

Enter: The LaVigne Daily Essentials Clear Skin Solution.

LaVigne Daily Essentials Anti-Acne

We’ve been happily using LaVigne’s Mayan Magic Balm for my son’s eczema, so when I discovered LaVigne has many other products, including a package for acne skin, I was excited to try it out.

Linda Zaumini, founder of LaVigne Organic Skincare, graciously gave me a complimentary set of their Clear Skin Solution, which is made up of:

  • Botanical Cleanser
  • Clear Magic Facial Spray
  • Vitamin C Serum
  • DMAE Firming Cream
  • Mayan Magic Balm

I used these products for several months, to get a clear picture of how they were affecting my skin. I tend to break out when I use something new, so I had to give my skin a few weeks to adjust.

In this post, I’ll tell you what I liked and didn’t like about these products, including why I’m now back to my chemical-laden acne-fighting products.

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