Review: Lavigne Organic Clear Skin Solution

It’s annoying and embarrassing, and it’s been giving me a lot of grief.

I’m talking about adult acne.

I hardly had any breakouts when I was a teenager, but sometime in my 20s, I my skin started breaking out.

I thought – everyone said – I’d have clear skin by the time I hit my 30s, but here I am, in my early 40s and still breaking out!

I’ve tried many things. The best thing, really, is to visit my dermatologist about every two months and use a bunch of chemicals on my skin.

But since moving to Canada, I haven’t been to a dermatologist in years. Plus, I’d really like a gentler way to care for my skin.

Enter: The LaVigne Daily Essentials Clear Skin Solution.

LaVigne Daily Essentials Anti-Acne

We’ve been happily using LaVigne’s Mayan Magic Balm for my son’s eczema, so when I discovered LaVigne has many other products, including a package for acne skin, I was excited to try it out.

Linda Zaumini, founder of LaVigne Organic Skincare, graciously gave me a complimentary set of their Clear Skin Solution, which is made up of:

  • Botanical Cleanser
  • Clear Magic Facial Spray
  • Vitamin C Serum
  • DMAE Firming Cream
  • Mayan Magic Balm

I used these products for several months, to get a clear picture of how they were affecting my skin. I tend to break out when I use something new, so I had to give my skin a few weeks to adjust.

In this post, I’ll tell you what I liked and didn’t like about these products, including why I’m now back to my chemical-laden acne-fighting products.

The Good:

  • The products are organic and free of parabens and other potentially toxic chemicals.
  • Unlike other acne products, these are GENTLE. No stinging, peeling or burning!
  • They’re based on a plant-based ingredient, tepezcohuite, which comes from the bark of “skin tree” from Mexico. It’s anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. You can read more about the healing properties of tepezcohuite here.
  • I especially loved using the vitamin C serum. I dunno, I just really believe vitamin C is good for our skins. And this one was particularly nice. Unfortunately, I left it behind in a hotel room during a recent trip. Tragic!
  • Each product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The Bad:

  • The Clear Magic Facial Spray was not convenient in a spray form. I don’t get why it needs to be a spray. I would have liked it better as a toner. Am I supposed to spray and then wait for it to dry up on my skin? Or should I spread it around on my face? Even though I work at home, I found this to be a bit tedious to use.
  • The DMAE Firming Cream is scented. I know, it’s scented with essential oils (linden blossom essential oil, to be exact) and the fragrance is really very light… but still… I’m sensitive to all fragrance. Floral scents in general remind me of the creams and potions my old aunts used when I was a little girl. If you think this may be an issue for you, I suggest you go to the LaVigne retailer nearest you and give it a whiff. You may like the scent after all.
  • It didn’t work for me. Maybe the products were too gentle. I felt they didn’t get my skin clean enough, and I still broke out.

The Bottom Line:

If you have mild acne and want an organic, all-natural skin care regimen, then LaVigne Daily Essentials may be a good choice. Since each skin is unique, you can’t tell if this will work for you or not until you try it. There’s no risk, since LaVigne has a money-back guarantee.

I’ve gone back to using my Aqua Glycolic facial cleanser and toner, but continue to use the LaVigne DMAE Advanced Firming Cream around my eyes and the LaVigne Mayan Magic Balm on breakouts, hives and other skin problems.

Have you tried these or any other products by LaVigne? How did you like it?

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Alexis Rodrigo

  • [redacted] says:

    I personally use some of the Lavigne Organic Clear Skin Solution cosmetic products for skin and face. The information which had been posted in above post is really interesting and al already aware of it.

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  • Jennifer G says:

    Hi Alexis, it’s Jennifer from LaVigne Organic Skincare. I just wanted to make a couple suggestions with respect to using our products…

    The Clear Magic Facial Spray is in a mist bottle for convenience. You can use the sprayer and mist the product onto your face as your toner, and also any time of the day to refresh and protect the skin – even over makeup! If you don’t like using it in mist format, you can also apply it with a cotton pad, like any other toner product.

    The DMAE Firming Cream is very lightly scented with Linden Blossom extract, which also has soothing and hydrating properties. We try not to maintain low- or no-scent in our products. In this case, the scent is light and the ingredient is also doing something beneficial for the skin. If you’re not a fan of floral scents though, that would be what is bothering you about this product. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m sorry to hear you lost the Vitamin C Serum! I too have suffered with hormonal acne — not the teenage kind — but that which arrived in my twenties, in the chin and jawline. The Vitamin C Serum, used once daily, almost completely keeps my hormonal acne at bay. I now can’t live without it! I think this is the product in our line that would have helped the most with your acne.

    You mentioned you’re now using the DMAE Firming Cream around your eye area. I would like to suggest that you try our Intensive Eye Creme, as it is formulated for the delicate eye area, with many anti-inflammatory ingredients helping to reduce puffiness.

    I’m happy to hear that your son found relieve for his Eczema with the Mayan Magic Balm. As we always agree, Eczema is generally caused by something coming from within — usually the body reacting to a food or environmental allergy. The Mayan Magic will help to soothe the itchy and irritated skin while you try changing diet and environment, to try to detect what the issue is.

    If you have any other questions about the products, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website,

  • Amy says:

    I just LOVE the DMAE firming cream, I find the scent mild and itโ€™s not too thick. I recently saw it on Dr. Oz and he had nothing but good things to say!
    My cousin has psoriasis and uses the ClearMagic Mist on it. It has a High percentage of Tepezcohuite and it cleared his psoriasis within a few days!!!
    I use the Mayan magic for soooo many different things.
    -I burned my hand on a flat iron and within a week COMPLETLEY healed and no scar. (This was a bad burn.)
    -I had an infected ear and it stopped the pain and itch within 10 minutes and healed it up in a few days!
    -Paper cuts
    -Small scratches
    -My mild eczema on my eye lids. (Yes itโ€™s safe and didnโ€™t burn me)
    -Tons of other things!!

  • Alexis says:

    @Amy – Thanks for letting us know. I agree the Mayan Magic Balm is almost “magical”! I’ll try spraying the mist on DS’s eczema; it might help with the itches, especially when he’s asleep.

  • Alexis says:

    @Jennifer G – Thanks for the advice! I need to get vitamin C serum then! And yes, I’ll apply the facial spray with a cotton pad from now on ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elaine says:

    Hi Lexi,
    I received some info. that helped me when I had adult acne. If our digestion system is not working well and we suffer from constipation, our bodies will resort to eliminating vicariously through the skin, ( acne). If we add fiber, drop the foods that we are allergic and/or sensitive to, and drink lots of water things should start to clear up. For me, giving up dairy products made all the difference.

  • Alexis says:

    @Elaine – I totally agree with your comment! I’ve reduced my intake of dairy considerably – not hard because DS is sensitive to dairy anyways. In fact, I’ve recently discovered how much I like coconut milk. Anyway, I think I also need to cut down or eliminate sugar… but I’m having a hard time giving it up ๐Ÿ™

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  • Cynthia says:

    I would deeply agree with the feedback regarding this product. This is very important for the consumer what is the side effects of this product as well as the advantage of it. I would say that there are various skin care products in our market today but, choosing the best product would be good.

  • Adelia says:

    Acne treatment must be qualified if you take out cow’s milk and dairy products. It can cause acne definitely. Using raw aloe vera can minimize the sign of acne in the body. Avoidance of food will be the best thing to do.

  • Sammy says:

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