June 4, 2009

How To Start A Natural Cosmetics Business

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by Carrie Lauth

Do you love using organic and earth friendly cosmetics and skin care? Have you noticed that herbal based products are even popping up at the neighborhood grocery and drug store? If you’re thinking of starting a business in natural skin care and cosmetics, here are some of your options.

1) You could join a Direct Sales business that offers natural cosmetics

When most people think direct sales, they think of Mary Kay or Tupperware. Awesome companies, for sure, but you want to represent a product line with natural ingredients. Did you know there are lots of direct sales companies that make these types of products now? Just a few of the ones I’ve seen market items such as:

Organic skin care and cosmetics
Aloe based skin care
Swiss skin care
Aromatherapy based products
Chinese herbal based products
[ad#ad-2] You might want to search around at the Direct Selling Association: https://www.DSA.org to find a good company.

2) You could make your own natural cosmetics and sell them online

More people than ever are interested in buying skin care and cosmetics products with ingredients they can pronounce! If you have an idea for your own product, why not start marketing your product online? Let the world be your customer!

Building an online presence has never been easier. For around $20 a month you can build a beautiful, professional website with no knowledge of html (the coding language of web designers). I prefer the Easy Site Builder. It includes tons of features like gorgeous templates and photos, shopping cart and payment processor, and even offers a free 10 day trial. Click here to get started.

If you like making your own natural skin care and cosmetics you could also compile your favorite recipes into an ebook and sell it.

3) You could promote someone else’s natural cosmetics for a commission

This idea is called affiliate marketing. You basically promote another person’s product on your website and when people click through and purchase, you get paid! This business model is great because it’s so inexpensive to start. Affiliate programs are free to join and all you need is a website. You can also differentiate your offerings on one site by promoting several affiliate products.

To find affiliate programs, search around at networks like:

According to industry statistics, the interest in organic products is growing by 20% each year. You can capitalize on this interest and turn your passion for natural skin care and cosmetics into a business!

About the Author: Carrie Lauth is the author of The Natural Mom Business Guide, a complete step by step course to building a natural business on the Internet. It contains tried and true advice to help you start, build, and market a natural online business. To find out more and get free tips go to: https://www.NaturalMomBusinessGuide.com

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