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October 3, 2008

How to Make Yogurt – The Lazy Mom’s Method

Cac?k, a Turkish cold appetiser yoghurt variety.

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I’ve been making yogurt at home for about almost 8 years now and I’ve developed my own lazy Mom’s method. Now I am sharing with you my own method for how to make yogurt, without having to scald milk or use thermometers or anything like that. My reasoning is, since yogurt has been around for hundreds of years, I’m sure people who’ve been making yogurt all that time did not do it so precisely! My “lazy Mom” method is simple and easy but it works. Try it and soon you’ll be enjoying yogurt and its benefits.

For my simplified version of how to make yogurt, you’ll need the same ingredients as the basic yogurt recipes. You’ll also need a yogurt maker. I use the Salton Yogurt Maker (see below), available in, and I’ve had great success with it.

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September 26, 2008

Homeschooling Programs for Toddlers

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Last week, I was looking for homeschooling programs for toddlers. You see, I’ve decided to homeschool my toddler. I’m not really a homeschooling Mom. My two older children attend regular school. I do consider myself a “blended schooling” Mom: I recognize my role as my children’s first teacher and teach them whatever I feel their schools cannot or do not teach. I’ve taught my two oldest children to read and, when they were still in secular schools, we had Catholic catechism at home. I also augmented my first daughter’s preparation for Holy Communion with special “classes” at home.

Well, now that I’m a stay and work at home Mom, I thought it would be great to homeschool the little one before he reaches school age. I spent a couple of hours online looking for homeschooling programs for toddlers. I was disappointed. The few that I found were paper-and-pencil activities, which in my opinion are not appropriate for two-year-olds.

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August 20, 2008

Sign Language for Babies – Why on Earth?

Sign Language for Babies

Sign Language for Babies

When I had my second child 8 years ago, I learned about sign language for babies. Having been a tutor for hearing-impaired kids in my youth, I was very interested. It didn’t take much to convince me that sign language would be useful and valuable for babies. By the time my baby was a few months old, I was signing with her. Let me share with you why I found baby sign language so beneficial that I did it again with my third child.

Seven years ago, people thought baby sign language was strange and, honestly, I was self-conscious sometimes. Nobody else did it back then. Still when another baby came along 6 years later, I was back signing with the baby again.

Why do I like signing with my babies? Consider the two scenarios below:
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