Chiropractor Dr. Daisy Sutherland on Chiropractic Treatment for the Whole Family

Chiropractor Dr. Daisy Sutherland

Chiropractor Dr. Daisy Sutherland

As promised, here is my interview with chiropractor, Dr. Daisy Sutherland. Due to technical problems, I am unable to give you a recording of the interview. Nevertheless, the interview is informative. I hope you like it!

Lexi: Dr. Daisy, let’s start with a general question: What is chiropractic?

Dr. Daisy: It is an alternative medical where we as Chiropractors “adjust” the spine for “subluxations.” Subluxations are misalignments that occur in the spine when 2 or more vertebrae are misaligned and will pinch a nerve creating a lack of transmission of such nerve to the given organ. We believe when the spine is misaligned your body is not functioning at its optimal level and that is when illnesses will occur.

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Lexi: Here’s a question from Estella Kasala: “I have never been to a Chiropractor. What benefits I can get from visiting one? What is chiropractic effective for?”

Dr. Daisy: Many feel that they should only visit a Chiropractor when in pain or more specifically have back pain. This is not true. Pain is usually that last symptom to arise. We teach our patients that our care should be looked at as maintenance; just like a dentist who maintains your teeth, we maintain your spine. The spine is the main source to our bodies as a whole. Every nerve comes out from the spinal cord through the spine and to each organ and one simple pinch will then affect that given nerve and ultimately the organ. Imagine a garden hose, if you will, if you step on the garden hose the water will just trickle out and when you remove your foot the water comes out in full force. That is how our nerves function, if it is pinched, we may not feel it right away but the messages will not be transmitted fully to the given organ, in turn causing symptoms. We as Chiropractors are cause detectors, we do not look at the symptoms, we remove the cause, therefore ultimately removing the symptom.

Lexi: Anne Marie Goodrich asked: “I’ve gone to a chiropractor in the past for relief of ailments. Could you share with us some of the holistic reasons people should have chiropractic care even when pain is not an issue?”

Dr. Daisy: As I mentioned before, we like to maintain the body in good health and void of any subluxations. The symptom is always the last to appear, for instance when one has cancer, the symptom is not evident until the cancer has grown. We like to avoid symptoms and want to maintain the body free of subluxations, therefore avoiding symptoms all together. We see many of our patients for maintenance care. It improves their life by strengthening the immune system which will aide them if they should get ill.

Chiropractic for Specific Groups

Lexi: Dr. Daisy, Tracy Roberts would like to know: “Dr Daisy, Can you give some of the reasons/benefits that chiropractic care would be good for babies & children?”

Dr. Daisy: Wow, great question. As you may or may not know I have 5 children and all are under Chiropractic care. They have the best results because they are young and have not experienced the traumas that us as adults have experienced. The traumas they experience are those from childbirth, taking their first steps and all the falls they normally have as children. Keeping their spines aligned and free of subluxations will enable their bodies to fight against disease. Many factors contribute to your child’s overall health. A major component is the communication between your child’s brain and body, which is a vital link controlling growth, repair, and function of every tissue and organ in the body. Chiropractic recognizes the importance of each of these factors as they contribute to your child’s overall health.

Lexi: This question from Evangelia Zonnios is related to the previous one: “Is chiropractic treatment recommended for all ages and is there any age group that it is particularly dangerous for?” Perhaps, such as senior citizens?

Dr. Daisy: The chiropractic approach to health care is all natural. It does not try to stimulate or inhibit normal body function, instead we address the important relationship between the nervous system and disease. As chiropractors we specialize in the detection and correction of subluxations, instead of treating symptoms we correct the subluxation so that normal body functions will take place. It is definitely recommended for all ages, actually we recommend for all who have spines. Sorry, Chiropractic joke! There are different techniques that are used depending on the age of the person. We use low force adjustments on children and senior citizens with wonderful results.

Lexi: Is chiropractic safe for pregnant women? What pregnancy conditions would be relieved by chiropractic? I suffered from symphisis pubis dislocation in my last pregnancy – can chiropractic help with SPD?

Dr. Daisy: Chiropractic is safe for all ages. I actually loved getting adjusted when pregnant. Your body is going through major changes and of course your spine is getting misaligned with the weight distribution. The nerves will easily get impinged and chiropractic care will relieve that and keep your spine healthy for child birth.

Chiropractic for Specific Conditions

Lexi: Let’s move on the questions about specific conditions that our readers suffer from. Mary Ann Fitzharris sent this question: “I hurt the upper right quadrant of my back years ago. I went to physical therapy, which took care of the muscle spasms. However, I still feel a twinge now and then. How can I manage my back pain better?”

Dr. Daisy: First of all we love physical therapy, but that will only help with the muscles not the spine. The spine can only be realigned by a Chiropractor which will relieve the twinge that you feel. That along with exercises to stretch the area will keep your muscles loose and reduce the spasms. When a bone is misaligned the muscles will spasm, therapy and ice will work for the spasm on a temporary basis but again that is just the symptom. In order to relieve the symptoms you must find the cause and the cause is more than likely a subluxation which a Chiropractor can correct.

Lexi: Here’s one from Marjorie: “I carry all my stress in my neck. When I go to my chiropractor/kinesiologist, he always has to adjust my neck. Any ideas how not to carry stress in the neck area?? Any relaxation or sleeping tips that might help?”

Dr. Daisy: Stress is a major contributor to subluxations. We have many coming into our office with stress and it’s not wonder with the economy and other factors that may lead to it. Adjustments will help but then you must also do your part. Exercises are great and of course check the way you are sleeping. Do you have a supportive pillow? Do you sleep with more than one pillow? It is important to have a supportive pillow that will keep you body aligned while you are asleep. When you lay on your side, your head and shoulders should be in the same plane…if you have a soft pillow or use more than one pillow your head will either be too low or too high and sleeping in that position for 7 to 8 hours will definitely create soreness which will ultimately lead to stress. Ask your Chiropractor about Chiropractic pillows that are available to help you sleep in the correct posture.

Lexi: Melinda Hamby asked: “I am currently nursing my third child. When I am not nursing I am a 38DD, when I am nursing I go up to an F or a G cup. On top of this pain in my back, I seem to carry a lot of stress in my lower back and my bum, as well as the usual neck and shoulders. Some days it gets so bad that I can hardly stand up, much less walk. My question is, will a chiropractor be able to help with this, and, if so, are there some specialties within the practice to look for to help with this specific problem?”

Dr. Daisy: My first advice would be to use a good, supportive bra. That alone will work wonders as well as Chiropractic care to align your spine. It is important to find a Chiropractor that will actually adjust you. Many will try to use modalities, but ultimately what you need is a simple adjustment. We are Family Chiropractors and our main focus is spreading the word of Chiropractic, educating our patients and having them live healthier lives. We do not rely on machines to do that we use our hands, the only and most important tools in Chiropractic.

How to Choose a Chiropractor

Lexi: Here’s a follow-up question from Estella Kasala: “How will I know if a chiropractor is a legitimate practitioner?” This is related to the following question Clinton Hammond, which is about the harm that unscrupulous chiropractors can inflict: “How, given the weight of evidence that demonstrates that chiropractic has NO benefit to the human body (Outside of just feeling good when someone else touches you) can one justify its use as ‘treatment of heath complaints’? (Refer to”

Dr. Daisy: A legitimate Chiropractor will be licensed in your state our country. We all go through extensive studies and must pass many exams before being able to legally practice as a Chiropractor. We always encourage new patients or those with questions to come in for a consultation and ask as many questions as they may have. A legitimate Chiropractor will encourage you to ask questions to place your mind at ease and ask for referrals. I would never go to any type of doctor without a referral from a friend or first going in and asking questions.

Preventing Problems

Lexi: Let’s talk about preventing problems to begin with. Here’s what Claudia Beck has to say: “Hi!
Can you suggest some daily and or weekly exercises or stretches we can teach our children to do to be proactive with their physical health to help them avoid needing to go to a chiropractor?”

Dr. Daisy: Hmmm, there are many exercises that can be done to strengthen your muscles which will help with the structure of their body frames, but there aren’t any exercises that will eliminate subluxations. The birth process, even under natural and controlled conditions, is potentially traumatic. The most frequent subluxation experienced by newborns results from the pulling, twisting, and compression of the infant’s spine during birth. When they begin to walk they will fall, time and time again, creating more trauma. When involved in sports and even their sleeping positions or postures as a whole will be misaligned.

A chiropractor is one that is there for maintenance for children, so they will not have to go as often as adults. As I mentioned before, my children have been adjusted from Day 1. They are very healthy and very in tune with their bodies. They will come to us when they need to be adjusted and they are very lucky to have parents that are Chiropractors. I only wish my parents were Chiropractors. Maintenance is the key, just like a mechanic for your car, a dentist for your teeth or a hairdresser for your hair. We like to take care of our outward appearances but always forget about our inside. The spine is the most important part of our body and should never be neglected.

Lexi: Well, that’s about all we have time for today. Thank you very much, Dr. Daisy Sutherland, for giving us the time to grant this interview. I’m sure the readers of Natural Moms Blog have learned a lot about chiropractic.

Dr Daisy: I want to thank you for this opportunity to answer all your questions. I hope I was able to set your minds at ease and let you know that Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that works. When all else fails, try Chiropractic, it works.

Dr. Daisy (aka Dr. Mommy) is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic, freelance writer, blogger, wife to a loving and supporting husband and home school mom to 5 beautiful children. She always been an advocate of Health & Wellness and continues to promote it with lectures, workshops and articles. Visit her site at

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