February 4, 2012

Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family

There’s no reason why the whole family can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to make it a special day for everyone, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Start a Tradition

You can start a whole new tradition, or maybe revisit one from your childhood. Traditions are one of the main things that make holidays memorable and fun. For example, you could begin by putting a little gift at your children’s place at the table in the morning. It could be a small box of candy or piece of jewelry. Waking up and finding something at the breakfast table can be really exciting for kids.

You could also have a tradition like making a favorite dessert or special meal together. Many of the ideas that follow can become traditions.

Love and Togetherness

Let Valentine’s Day be the loving holiday it’s intended to be! Make it a day of family togetherness and fun activities that everyone can enjoy. it can be a family movie day or game night, or maybe you could have a small gift exchange.


A good craft project can get everyone involved. Some crafts are great for using up excess Valentine candy (such as those message hearts that somehow end up everywhere). For example, you can glue them into a heart-shape on a piece of card stock to make a card.

Other ideas might include making an edible flower arrangement for Mom (Dad and the kids can get together to do this one), or Mom can get together with the kids to make a special dessert for Dad. And of course, making Valentine’s cards out of construction paper, craft foam, glitter, and so forth is always fun.

A fun way to include a little gift with a card is to glue a “pocket” to the front of the card and slip candy or a small gift into it. You make the pocket simply by gluing 3 edges (2 sides and the bottom edge) of a square piece of card stock onto the front of the card.

A Special Meal

Try making a heart-shaped pizza and break out the non-alcoholic, sparkling “wine.” Kids really like to feel “grown up” enjoying this sparkly beverage in wine glasses. You could serve red Jell-O for dessert – maybe even cut into heart shapes.

You could also put together a red-themed dinner – maybe a beet stew (borscht), strawberries, and pink butter on bread (just add some food coloring to soft butter and mix). You can cut heart shapes out of the bread if you like.

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