How To Deal With Stress As A Mompreneur

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Being a mom and an entrepreneur simultaneously can be stressful. You must juggle your business and household chores while attending to your family. This can cause you to make less time for yourself, eventually leading to burnout and other health-related problems. Moreover, your mental health can also suffer. Therefore, finding ways to manage stress is essential. Here are some helpful ways to do so.

1. Limit multitasking 

Mompreneur multitasking

Multitasking is common, as you have many things to do simultaneously. However, this strategy may not be ideal. The American Psychology Association states that shifting between tasks can create brief mental blocks that reduce productivity by 40%. This is because your brain takes four times longer to switch and adapt to new things, making you waste more time. Additionally, multitasking can harm your mental health, increasing stress and affecting your mood and motivation.

Therefore, you want to limit multitasking if you haven’t already. Experts recommend following the “touch it once” rule, meaning you must finish whatever you start. It could be reading your mail, cooking for the family, etc. Consequently, consider scheduling time slots for specific activities requiring high concentration levels. This is called time blocking, so keep this in mind.

2. Prioritize sleep

Sleep is a great way to alleviate stress and prepare your body for more productivity. However, most entrepreneurs sacrifice their sleep to complete more work, and this can be more harmful than beneficial. First, it can affect your cardiovascular health and weaken your immune system. It can also affect your brain, leading you to take poor decisions for your business. It can also increase your stress levels and render you ineffective at work. Inadequate sleep can also make you irritable, which you can easily transfer to your family.

Therefore, you should get adequate sleep daily to avoid these. Fortunately, certain tips can help you if you struggle to sleep at night. For instance, avoid taking heavy meals or caffeinated beverages before bed. You can also set up your room to induce sleep. Make your sleeping area dark and cool, and keep all electronic devices outside your room. Prolonged stress can make it difficult to fall asleep. Fortunately, products from brands like CBDistillery can help you fall asleep, regardless of how stressed you are.

3. Take breaks 

Sometimes, a break is all you need to destress and recharge. This way, your mind, and body can relax and heal. And one way to achieve this is to schedule break times. This way, you don’t forget to rest. For instance, you can slip your rest time with lunch if you feel overwhelmed. While at it, inform your family, workers, or business associates about your plan. This can reduce disruptions and allow you to relax fully. Choosing an activity for this time is also essential. As a tip, choose options that soothe you. It could be listening to music while sitting quietly, meditating, and so on, so keep this in mind.

Juggling work and your family can be overwhelming and stressful, but you can ace it with the right strategies. Hopefully, you’ll consider those discussed above for the best results.

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