5 Lessons from the Detox Your Personal Care Workshop

Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics & Beauty Products

I recently hosted a Detox Your Personal Care Routine Workshop. While I was the facilitator, I also learned a lot during that workshop.

1. We buy personal care products with good intentions

When we pick a product off the shelf and take it to the cashier, we are full of good intentions. We want to look prettier or resolve a particular problem, while sticking to our budget. As we do so, we rely on information we’ve gotten from product makers, through their advertising or marketing efforts.

And so we may pick up a particular product, because it’s known to be effective, or safe, or “natural.”

We also keep buying products that we’ve tried and tested. This is the case with my son’s eczema cream. In the last two years, I spent hundreds of dollars of dozens of creams, ointments, and salves before finding the one that works.

2. Even the most conscientious shopper can get duped

Some of us, and that may include you since you’re reading this blog, are more informed than others about the ingredients we should avoid in personal care products.

And yet I myself have been duped into buying products I thought were safe — only to find nasty stuff like propylene glycol (contaminated with carcinogens, irritating, damaging to skin), parabens (hormone disruptor, toxic, possibly carcinogenic), and petrolatum (skin damaging, contaminated with carcinogens).

That’s because I relied on a particular company’s reputation as being natural, safe, and eco-friendly, instead of reading the ingredients list.

3. Our reasons for going toxin-free are personal

Each of us have our own motivations for wanting toxin-free personal care products. To some people, it may not be a concern at all. For others, it’s a matter of life or death. Most are in between.

Some of you may already be suffering from conditions that are exacerbated by toxins. These include eczema, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia — even cancer.

What’s your Reason Why?

4. We want safety AND results

Between a toxin-free product that doesn’t work and a toxin-laced product that works, we’re likely to choose the product that works. This is true for my son’s eczema cream, as it is for my anti-adult acne skin regimen.

But what if we can have both? What if we can find products that are both safe AND effective in addressing our various skin and hair issues?

5. Businesses are starting to respond to our demands for safe products that work

More and more businesses are making toxin-free, safe, and effective products. These are micro businesses with an average of 25 employees, whose owners have a personal commitment to making the world a safer, less toxic place.

Take Susie Wang, for example, the founder of 100% Pure. Susie used to work for big cosmetics companies. One day, she spilled an ingredient on her lab table and saw how it eroded the top of her table. Susie was shocked that women were putting ths ingredient on their faces! Since then, Susie’s been developing toxin-free skincare and makeup, based on the plants she loves (she’s been gardening since she was 5 years old).

(Thanks to Susie, I can enjoy sweet-smelling bath products again, because 100% Pure’s products are scented naturally by the fruits in them, and not from synthetic fragrance, which I’m allergic to.)

Another example is Shannon Schroter, who founded Grateful Body after losing two sisters to cancer while they were in their 20s. Shannon harnessed his knowledge of herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, and other forms of healing to create skin care products that are non-toxic and completely vegan, so he could save his Mom and remaining sisters.

These are just some of the insights I got from the detox workshop.

I invite you to watch the replay, go along with the workshop, and share your take-aways with me and my readers by posting them in the comments below.

Watch the workshop recording below:

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