December 12, 2011

Review: Allerbling Food Allergy Awareness Bracelet

I recently received a complimentary Allerbling kit to review for the blog.

Allerbling is a rubber wrist band for children with food allergies. Customizable allergy charms indicate what foods the child is allergic to.

If you’re the parent of a child with food allergies, is Allerbling a good product for you?

Watch my video review to help you decide:

The Good

  • Attractive, fun design and colors
  • Designed with your child’s safety in mind. The charms are difficult for children to take off (and become potential choking hazards)
  • Charms are available for all the common food allergens (peanut, shellfish, wheat, dairy, fish, soy, tree nut, and egg), as well as some of the less common allergens (coconut, bee, gluten, etc), with new ones being added all the time.
  • Fully customizable, to accommodate each child’s food allergies, even when they change
  • Affordable, especially since you can buy the bracelets and charms individually, which would be ideal if your child has only one or two allergies

The Bad:

  • Your child may refuse to wear it (as my DS did at first)
  • Your child may lose it 🙁

The Bottom Line:

If your child has food allergies, Allerbling will help give you peace of mind that the adults caring for your child will remember which foods to avoid for him or her.

Click here to buy Allerbling.

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Alexis Rodrigo