Review of Dermasilk Garments for Eczema

I received a complimentary pair of Dermasilk pants to try with my son and review in this blog.

Here’s my review of Dermasilk Therapeutic Clothing for eczema care:

Here are the photos so you can compare for yourself:

Dermasilk Review Photos

POEM refers to the Patient Oriented Eczema Measure, which was also given to me by Dermasilk Canada, so I can objectively measure my son’s progress.

As you can see above, in Day 1, my son had some pretty bad lesions particularly behind his left knee. At the time, these lesions were bleeding, oozing, and weeping.

One week later, all the lesions had healed. However, his skin is still quite red and thickened.

In the third photo (I made a mistake; that should say “Day 14, not Day 8), his skin is much less red. Some patches on the back of his thighs have flattened completely. He was actually having a bit of a flare-up on this day, as you’ll notice some red spots, but nowhere as bad as on Day 1. Furthermore, the skin behind his knees is not as thick as it was compared to Day 1 and Day 8.

To summarize, here are …

The Good

  • Dermasilk garments are comfortable.
  • Easy to use. Wear as often as possible. Wash at least once every 24 hours (more often, if there’s bleeding, oozing, and weeping).
  • Easy to wash. I use a coconut-based laundry detergent, then squeeze out the water by rolling the Dermasilk garment in a towel. The garment can be worn even while wet.
  • It works! The severity of my son’s eczema was reduced by a full 44% (based on POEM scores) by Day 14 compared to Day 1. He still wakes up itching at night, but much less so now than before he started using Dermasilk..

The Bad

  • Expensive. These Dermasilk pants cost CA$77. With taxes and shipping costs, they would total closer to $100. So you’ll have to make an initial investment. If your child has eczema all over his or her body, you’ll need the shirt as well, which means an even bigger investment. However, the Dermasilk garments can pay for themselves over time, because your child may need fewer ointments or eczema medications. Plus, anything that helps DS and me sleep better is worth its weight in gold!
  • Can be outgrown. Children will outgrow their Dermasilk garments, which means you’ll need to buy new ones.
  • This is not a cure for eczema. We don’t know yet how to cure eczema. My first daughter outgrew hers. Hopefully, DS will outgrow his eczema too. Until then, we have Dermasilk garments and other non-steroidal treatments to help ease their discomfort.

Visit the Dermasilk website to find out more about these silk garments, read the studies that show its effectiveness, and see their whole line of products.

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