February 25, 2013

Is your makeup toxic?

Isn’t it funny how “bad” experiences can lead to something good?

For example, because of my son’s eczema, I became interested in the ingredients in his soap, shampoo, creams, and lotions. I discovered some were known to cause skin irritation, and others were suspected of being carcinogens.

Having a family history of cancer myself, I decided I wanted to use toxin-free skin care products on myself and other children, too.

I also noticed that a couple of my friends had suddenly become very interested in non-toxic beauty products. For instance, one asked about where she could find non-toxic nail polish (because they usually contain formaldehyde). Of course, I knew where in our tiny city one could find nail polish so toxin-free, I let my 12-year-old daughter use it.

It dawned on me that these friends of mine were getting advice to avoid toxins in their personal care products, because they were recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I asked, “Do we have to get life threateningly sick to be told to avoid these toxic ingredients?”

I don’t want to wait until I have a serious illness before I stop using what could make me sick. That would have been too late. Waiting comes at great material, physical, and emotional cost (both my friends have had surgery and chemotherapy).

And so in early 2013, I went on a mission to find a business I could partner with, so I could proudly promote and share toxin-free beauty and personal care products here, at Natural Moms Blog.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve found it: Alex+Von is an online boutique of products that have been vetted against the “Dirty Dozen” of the beauty industry, as listed by the David Suzuki Foundation (a Canada-based foundation that works for environmental conservation).

If you shop at Alex+Von, you can be sure what you’re buying does not have any of these 12 toxic ingredients (more on that later). Alex+Von staff and consultants also test the products to make sure they work as claimed. We also give feedback to the product manufacturers themselves, if we have concerns about their ingredients or how their products work.

To celebrate my joining Alex+Von as consultant, I created a special report entitled, “Don’t Get Sick for Beauty’s Sake! 12 Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics & Beauty Products.”

You can get this report for free by filling in this form:

When you read the report, you will discover:

  • what the “Dirty Dozen” of the beauty industry are
  • why these ingredients are harmful to humans, animals and the Earth
  • how to identify these ingredients when looking at the ingredients of lists of different products (including abbreviations, codes and related substances)
  • where to shop for toxin-free, natural makeup, skin care, hair care, baby care — even pet care — products to avoid these dangerous or potentially dangerous substances

The special report is in electronic book format or PDF. This means, as soon as you confirm your request (watch your email inbox for a confirmation message from Aweber), you will get the link to the report within minutes. And then you can start reading the report right away. The report is completely free, but you do have to let me know where to send it:

Download the report, read it, and let me know what you think!

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