3 Ways Reading Comic Books Can Fulfill Your Life and Make You Smarter

Comic books make you smarter

If you are a lover of comic books, the word nerd is not something new. Those who love comic books are label one, but the truth is there is nothing to be ashamed of. Comics incorporate both fiction and facts to share stories of extraordinary heroes and narrate true events that can be digested effortlessly, even with those who struggle to read or comprehend positive types of material.

Author Daniel Handler is a renowned author who understands readers’ minds well when he narrates his stories. Here is what Daniel Handler believes comic materials can benefit you and make you smarter.

1. The Stories Aid your Brain

When you develop a reading habit, stories will make the brain function change. When you grab a book with a compelling comic story, your neuron activity will start changing while reading that book for a few days and after reading it. The comic book incorporates historical information, which pulls readers in with all the illustrations indicated.

2. You’ll Learn to Enjoy and Love Reading

So many people around the world do find it hard to develop and improve their reading skills, young and old alike. The visual format in comics and graphic novels can greatly benefit these kinds of people. When reading materials tend to become challenging and boring, comic books have a solution for you. The visuals and the plot and characters they contain can be easy to engage with for anyone who struggles to read.

When you read a comic book, you will process the information it contains slightly differently from when you read other forms of media like novels. The illustrations that the writers use can help you comprehend information that you might find hard to digest, such as educational information that includes history.

3. You’ll Start to Think Differently

Comic book readers, when processing all the information and illustrations they find in the book, will start to create meaning using multiple modalities. This is because all the writer’s components in the book are integrated to form a solid consideration of the story. The text, images, space all make up these modalities a reader will combine. Critics believe comic books are simple books containing pictures, but they are far more than that. They require a more complex neurological process.

They’re More than Just Superhero Tales

Even if you do not fancy superheroes, comic books are still a winner. There are many stories in comic books that contain nonfiction themes that will allow a reader who does not fancy superhero tales to explore heavier themes. All the comic books that are available on the market capture different themes that allow all types of readers to have something to enjoy, even for those who have never picked up a comic book to read.

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