November 18, 2022

Easy Detox Strategies You Can Do In A Weekend

easy detox strategies

Detoxing doesn’t require spending months in the wilderness eating nothing but roots and berries. Rather, it’s something you can do on a quiet weekend. A good detox flushes out your system and helps you feel so much better, come Monday morning.

Eat Some Great Food

Don’t stick to your usual food. Instead, spend the weekend concocting dishes that give you plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you want to go raw for a couple of days, you can try that, too. Just be prepared for a little extra gas.

You should also try to buy organic. Organic foods have the lowest chemical loads of all foods, particularly plant-based foods. This way, you can reduce your consumption of pesticides which have been associated with some nerve conditions.

Start Sweating

easy detox in a weekend-sauna

Sweating is a great way to eliminate toxins from the skin. That’s why so many beauty queens swear by hot saunas. Try it for yourself and see what happens. Do you notice a difference?

You can also get sweating by going to the gym or on a run. The more water you can force through your pores, the more toxins you’ll shed. Just remember to take a bath when you get home.

Ditch Your Bad Habits

We all know people who have gone on a treatment program to ditch their bad habits. Sometimes it becomes necessary to get outside help early. 

That’s why it is so important to deal with them as early as you can. If you know that there’s something in your life that you shouldn’t be doing, stop this weekend and just focus on your wellness.

Take Fatty Acids That Reduce Inflammation

Not all fats are pro-inflammatory. In fact, omega-3s actually reduce inflammation in the brain and body, and keep you healthier for longer

Flax and chia seeds are the best places to get your fatty acids. However, you can also get them from various herbs, spices, and vegetables.

Avoid Exposure To Environmental Chemicals

Sadly, there are a huge number of contaminants in the environment, and many of them have adverse effects on health. PCBs, for instance, can stay in the body for years, disrupting hormone metabolism.

To avoid toxins, do the following:

  • Go to a national park, far from any cities or industrial areas
  • Filter all the water you drink
  • Stop eating food that is high up the food chain where toxins can bioaccumulate
  • Install an air filter in your home to eliminate unwanted particles

Sleep More

The last thing you should do is get extra sleep. Sleeping a little extra at the weekend gives your body the time it needs to heal and repair itself. 

Lack of sleep impairs the glymphatic system, something the body uses to rid itself of toxins naturally. If you don’t get enough sleep, toxins remain in the body and you have to wait until the following night to remove them, causing severe inflammation.

To avoid this, give yourself up to nine hours a night. Don’t be afraid to take liberties. After all, it’s the weekend. 

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