December 3, 2008

Eco-Friendly Tips for Teens

Samantha and Ryan sharing the earphones
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One of the foremost reasons that many parents seek to live a green lifestyle is because they are mindful of the fact that the earth is an inheritance left to their children. Teens are aware of the fact that they are closer to that inheritance than anyone. Many teens are showing concern for the environment. These [tag-tec]eco-friendly tips[/tag-tec] will help teens make a positive impact on the environment, despite their wired lifestyles.

This might be a challenge in today’s fast paced world where teens are wired up, plugged in, and in sync with all the latest and greatest that the marketplace has to offer. The values of mainstream society around them might conflict with the green values you hope to cultivate in their minds and hearts. Since teens are more worldly and savvy than ever, it follows that they are primed to make a real difference and as parents, we can help them.

[ad#ad-2] 1. Take a solar backpack to school and charge cell phones or other portable devices with the power of the sun.

2. Pack a waste free school lunch with this cool Mr. Bento Lunchbox system and carrying bag.

3. Use eco-friendly school supplies such as paper made from recycled post consumer waste and stainless steel scissors.

4. Instead of burning CDs use an iPod or another MP3 player and charge it with a solar powered charger. Listen to your jams via iPod, with a sound dock, on your computer, or with an iPod attachment for car stereos. Support bands that are eco friendly.

5. When done surfing the Internet or chatting with friends online make sure to turn the computer off and don’t forget to turn off the lights behind you as well.

6. Help clean up your school by starting a recycling program and a weekly day for volunteer trash pick up to keep the school grounds beautiful. Plan something special for Earth Day and get your classmates involved.

7. Ask the school administrators to support your efforts.

8. Shop at second had stores and eBay and pick up some cool vintage clothing.

9. Eat more meatless lunches at school. Reducing meat consumption is good for the planet and your health.

10. When second hand won’t do and you need to buy new…buy organic fibers like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, or wool. Environmental slogans are a plus too.

11. Use organic and natural beauty products.

12. Instead of driving your car to school take the bus, bike or walk. If you do drive you might be able to coordinate a carpool system with a couple of your friends.

13. Apply to colleges with green campuses and philosophies.

14. Pursue an eco friendly career in environmental science, organic agriculture, conservation biology, ecology, or environmental engineering. The world is full of possibilities.

15. Sell your used books instead of chucking them.

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