January 14, 2010

What You Need to Home School Successfully

Families who are considering home education, or homeschooling, for their children want to know what is needed to home school successfully. You may be surprised to know that home education success is often more than educational.

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The following are some things a home educating family will need to succeed:

Commitment of the whole family

One thing that that will help you to home school successfully is a commitment to do so by the entire family. This means that both parents must agree that homeschooling is the right choice for their children. The children must be willing to be homeschooled and commit to do their best. Without this commitment, homeschooling will be stressful and will be seen more as an experiment which can be discarded rather than a change in the family’s dynamics.

A good sense of humor

Home schooling requires the parent doing most of the teaching to have a good sense of humor. There are days when being able to laugh will be what gets you through. You’ll also want to try to make learning enjoyable and using humor is one way to do that. There will be times when you have to be serious, but allowing the children (and you as the teacher) to have fun during the learning process will make your day go smoother and quicker.

A good relationship with your children

Parents who are struggling to get along with their children may not want to homeschool. It’s not that they can’t be effective teachers for their children, but their children may not want to spend most of their time with their parents. Having a good relationship with your children will enable you to bond closer together and overcome any obstacles you may face.

Patience with your child and yourself

Many families choose to begin homeschooling from the beginning of their child’s education. It is so much easier then because children are like little sponges that soak up new skills and knowledge. As they get older, however, home schooling may require more patience with your child and yourself. You may both get frustrated after a long day of schoolwork, but have patience; you can and will get through the tough days.

Curriculum and course materials

Of course, if you’re teaching your child at home, you’ll need some type of curriculum or course materials. There are many homeschool curriculum choices available. Talk with other homeschool families to see what curriculum they use.

Make plans to attend homeschool curriculum fairs which are normally held at the end of school year. This allows you to physically look at the curriculum to see if it meets your family’s needs. You can also go to Ebay to purchase a used curriculum and find websites for curriculum producers. Be sure to get a variety of catalogs to help you make your curriculum choices.

You may be under the impression that home schooling success depends strictly upon the curriculum or textbooks you use. Surprisingly, nothing could be farther from the truth. Yes, the curriculum you use with your children is important, but if you don’t think you can spend the amount of time it takes to homeschool with your child day in and day out, homeschooling may not be the best choice for you.

If you really want to know what is needed to home school successfully, look to your family’s commitment, sense of humor, and your relationship with your children to help you decide if this education method is best for you.

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