April 22, 2009

It’s Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day!

Before anything else, have you joined our Earth Day Giveaway? You can enter by posting a comment to this post. Click here to find out other ways you can win.

What are you doing to celebrate the day? My third grader’s school sent us a note to please send a “garbageless lunch” to school. What’s a “garbageless lunch”? That’s lunch without any packaging to throw away.

Now, we’ve always been doing garbageless lunches, so this is nothing new for our family. We rarely use zippable sandwich bags or paper bags. Instead, we use washable and reusable plastic containers and stainless steel water bottles. That’s right, we don’t do bottled water, either. The only problem I had this morning was putting a banana in my daughter’s lunch box. She said the peel would create “garbage”. So I peeled it before putting it in a plastic container. It’ll be a little brown by recess, but I hope my daughter eats it anyway.

What are YOU doing to celebrate Earth Day? If you need ideas, you might want to read this earlier blog post of very easy and practical ways to be kinder to our planet. I hope these suggestions will help you make every day Earth Day 🙂

By the way, I’d like to show you this video about one of the products that we’re giving away starting today: Sinupret for Kids. It’s a plant-based remedy for sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and upper respiratory tract infections. In my family, we almost never use “conventional” medicine. When we start feeling something coming, we reach for the vitamin C and homeopathic remedies – and lots of water and rest!

I’ve known about Sinupret for some time now, but haven’t seen it in stores. I hope it will be in Canada soon. Oh, here’s the video:

Remember to post a comment below to get a chance to win a Sinupret Kids give package or another “green” product. Find out more about our Earth Day giveaway here.

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