Finally – Eco-Friendly Binders!

It’s really frustrating to buy eco-friendly supplies for the kids and my home office. Everything from backpacks to lunch boxes are made of plastic! So I was pleasantly surprised when Naked Binder approached me to review their binders.

Naked Binder’s 3-ring binders are made of 100% recycled board and metal. They don’t have any vinyls, plastics or toxins. Here’s one of the binders I received:

Naked Binder Eco-Friendly 3-Ring Binder

I gave the other binder to my 10-year-old DD as I wanted to get her thoughts on the binder as well.

The Good:

  • These binders are really sturdy! Definitely tougher than the plastic ones we used to buy (which, as DD noted, didn’t even last an entire school year).
  • They look good. No garish colors here, just neutrals and classy, muted colors. DD like the green binder. Here are some of the others:

Naked Binder 3-Ring Binder

  • It feels good to know we’re using something that’s good for the planet.

The Bad:

  • Naked Binders are more expensive than ordinary ones.
  • I can’t find these (yet) in my local Staples, Walmart or Costco.

The Bottom Line:

Naked Binders are a good option for eco-conscious parents and businesses. They may cost more than other binders, but they’ll definitely last longer.

If you don’t see Naked Binders in stores near you, you can order them from (hooray!):


Or click here to see all Naked Binder products.

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