June 18, 2010

11 Ways to to Raise Awareness of Recycling in your Community

Recycling is something you can do as an individual, but the more people you get on board the more effective your recycling efforts will be.

Here are some tips and ideas for raising recycling awareness in your community:

  1. Organize a neighborhood clean-up day. Provide food and clean-up supplies (such as bags and litter-grabbers), and arrange to have a recycling or garbage truck available. Look around and identify the areas with the greatest need, and assign individuals or groups to particular areas.
  2. Get your message out by email or other eco-friendly means, such as flyers printed on recycled paper.
  3. Set up a website or blog which people can refer to. You can post events and articles here and keep people updated.
  4. Go into the public schools in your area and engage students and faculty with a presentation. Most schools are receptive to environmental causes. Maybe a field trip for students to tour the local recycling facility or clean up an area in the city could be arranged.
  5. Elicit the help of local authorities. One good way to do this is to circulate a petition around your neighborhood and community, collecting signatures which you can then present to the local authorities.
  6. See about getting recycling bins set up in convenient places. Again, this will require the cooperation of local officials, such as the solid waste authority, who will be needed to pick up the recycling and haul it to the recycling center.
  7. Volunteer at a nearby organization that has recycling projects. Invite others to volunteer as well.
  8. Attend environmentally-themed events in your community, and make connections with other like-minded people.
  9. Organize neighborhood trips to the recycling center. You will save fuel this way, too, as neighbors consolidate their recyclables into a few vehicles.
  10. Write your local newspaper about your concerns.
  11. Attend your City Council meetings and present the need for recycling. Also present specific goals and ideas to the Council.

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