Update on My Son’s Eczema & Dermasilk Review

It dawned on me that it’s been a year (slightly more) since my son started using Dermasilk pants for his eczema.

I think an update is in order (here’s my previous post and review of Dermasilk therapeutic garments).

To refresh your memory, here’s a photo of his legs before he began using Dermasilk:

Dermasilk Eczema Day 1

And this is what his legs look like today, one year after using Dermasilk:

Dermasilk Eczema Update

As you can see, his skin is now completely clear. In fact, he has not had an eczema flare-up the past couple of weeks, so we’ve let him eat a little bit of the foods he’s allergic to.

He hasn’t been using the Dermasilk pants for months now.

We’ve also stopped giving him the various supplements and herbal tinctures our naturopathic doctor prescribed. We’re glad we’ve been able to treat his eczema without steroid creams and other allopathic treatments.

It’s possible that he is outgrowing his food allergies (keeping our fingers crossed).¬†We’re re-introducing allergenic foods to him slowly. As soon as his skin flares up, then the Dermasilk pants go on again.

I only wish I had the Dermasilk facial mask for when munchkin boy’s ears flare up. But then, I bet he would refuse to wear it, LOL.

Anyway, click here if you want to learn more about Dermasilk therapeutic garments for eczema.

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