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December 4, 2008

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

There are several reasons why one might want to consider [tag-tec]eco-friendly tips[/tag-tec] for cleaning the home. Conventional cleaning products might be effective in cutting through dirt and grime but they sometimes do so at the expense of health and the environment. Many people conclude that since these are so widespread and readily available, they must be safe. Not so. Many cleaners contain ingredients that are toxic, reactive, corrosive, or flammable. There is also the potential that they can cause health issues and environmental damage. Just ask yourself if you really need to clean your home with ingredients like these:

• Formaldehyde
• Hydrochloric Acid
• Petroleum
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December 3, 2008

Eco-Friendly Tips for Teens

Samantha and Ryan sharing the earphones
Creative Commons License photo credit: Stephen Glauser

One of the foremost reasons that many parents seek to live a green lifestyle is because they are mindful of the fact that the earth is an inheritance left to their children. Teens are aware of the fact that they are closer to that inheritance than anyone. Many teens are showing concern for the environment. These [tag-tec]eco-friendly tips[/tag-tec] will help teens make a positive impact on the environment, despite their wired lifestyles.

This might be a challenge in today’s fast paced world where teens are wired up, plugged in, and in sync with all the latest and greatest that the marketplace has to offer. The values of mainstream society around them might conflict with the green values you hope to cultivate in their minds and hearts. Since teens are more worldly and savvy than ever, it follows that they are primed to make a real difference and as parents, we can help them.

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November 24, 2008

Eco Friendly Tips: Family Meals

Clagett Farm CSA 2008 Week 20
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Family meals are one of the most enjoyable times of our day. We have an opportunity for families to slow down, eat some delicious food, and talk to each other. For green families it also provides an opportunity for them to further their dedication to the environment by choosing foods that compliment their goals and ideals. This might seem rather simplistic but many green families believe that what you choose to eat is essentially a vote for the type of world you want.

Here are various ways eco friendly tips for family meals:
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November 23, 2008

Eco Friendly Tips: Travel

Creative Commons License photo credit: ro gianesi

One of the most common eco friendly tips is this: it’s better for the planet if you walk, ride a bike, take mass transit, or carpool wherever you need to go. For those seeking to explore beyond their own community or state this advice can be a bit difficult to apply, especially for those of us with a family. In addition, it is hard to ignore the widespread criticism of environmentalists and green celebrities that do a bit of jet setting. Does this mean you need to forgo any travel plans that your family may have? Absolutely not!

Deciding to green your lifestyle essentially means you want to reduce your environmental impact., not eliminate it altogether. The latter would hardly be possible and there is no reason to think that going green means you have to sacrifice all your fun.

Here are some eco friendly tips for traveling:
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November 22, 2008

Green Living Ideas for Your Family’s Finances

Creative Commons License photo credit: billaday

We’re all concerned about our family’s finances. When people think about budgeting and money matters they visualize check books, account statements, tax records, stacks of receipts, a calculator, and the like. The visual usually involves a lot of clutter and chaos and perhaps a stressed out person poring over their finances. There are a lot of steps we can take to streamline and simplify our finance management for your family and many of these methods happen to be green too. Even paying our bills and managing our money can be hassle free and environmentally minded.

Here are a few ideas to help you green your finances:

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