September 6, 2013

Why Play Time Matters for Your Kids

Children learn through play. Isn’t it wonderful? As they have fun, they’re developing skills and learning about the world around them.

Here are some of the reasons why play time matters for your kids.

1. Learning about the World

Give a child a cardboard box, and you’ll see creative play at work! A cardboard box may have a lot to teach someone so young. The box reinforces shapes and how they act (boxes don’t roll, for instance; they have a limited capacity; cardboard tears under too much weight, etc.). And a simple toy like a box stimulates a child’s imagination.
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September 3, 2013

5 Homemaking eBooks for only $7.40 — Today Only!

Homemaking ebooks
Do you love eBooks as much as I do?

I used to think they could never replace printed books, which I do still love.

But eBooks don’t take up space on my bookshelves. When waiting with nothing else to do, I have access to dozens of them through my iPhone or iPad.

The best part of all is they’re usually a lot less expensive than their printed counterparts.

If you’re also an eBook junkie, now’s a good time to load up on them. is making available their best-sellers this week only. These popular bundles are available for 24 hours each this week. That’s 5 books for only $7.40 — that’s $1.48 for each eBook!

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