January 23, 2009

Finding Social Groups for Your Homeschooled Child

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Parents who have made the decision to homeschool their children oftentimes find themselves defending this choice. Unfortunately, some misinformed individuals feel that children who are homeschooled won’t have enough social interaction with their peers.

This is not the case. Homeschooled children have many opportunities for socialization. These planned events are more likely to be positive group encounters, as opposed to much of the negative social interaction that occurs in the school setting on a daily basis.

Homeschooling Groups

One of the best and easiest ways to provide this type of social opportunity is to join a local homeschool group. These groups are very popular and located nationwide. In addition to providing a support network to homeschooling families, these groups sponsor all types of educational field trips, gatherings and even educational co-op classes.
[ad#ad-2] Many homeschool-related websites maintain a database of local groups. A quick search of these databases will almost always result in finding a homeschooling group in your area.

School-Based Extracurricular Activities

Another wonderful way to provide children with the opportunity to socialize is to utilize the extra-curricular activities offered by your local school district. Schools must allow children who learn at home the option to participate in activities such as band, sports and drama. Take the time to contact the school district where you reside for further information on the programs available to your child.

Community Volunteer Work

Allowing homeschooled children to do volunteer work in the community is another excellent way to ensure socialization. Of course, this is usually not an option for very young children. But, occasionally organizations such as the Humane Society will let younger children volunteer, as long as their parents are in attendance. Consult your phone directory or favorite search engine for other not for profit organizations that offer volunteer programs.

Local Recreation

Check your local YMCA or county park and recreation department for their offerings. These classes often include things like swimming, dance, cooking and crafts of all kinds, at low or no cost.

Parents’ Work

If you run your own business, involve your children! This will allow them to interact with your customers and give them a head start in the business world at the same time.

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