August 15, 2013

10 Household Items That Do Double-Duty

Did you know we’re surrounded by items around the house that do double duty?

These items have practical uses that can solve various problems.

Here are 10 household items that can do double-duty:

1. Alka Seltzer

Did you know that this antacid can be popped in the toilet bowl and allowed to fizz? Once the fizzing is over, the dirt and grime come off easily with a toilet brush or cloth.

2. Old Magazines and Fliers

Use these to hold your boots up straight. Just fold them in half or roll them, and insert into boot legs.

3. Dryer Sheets

No time to wash your smelly gym shoes before you need them again? Stuff a dryer sheet into each shoe and leave overnight. The odor should be gone by morning. I also use dryer sheets to clean pots and pans with baked-on grease or food. (In fact, that’s the only reason I buy dryer sheets; I use wool balls in the dryer.)

4. Rubber Bands

These handy little items do more than just double duty – they can perform a lot of helpful tasks! The thick ones (like the bands on produce) can be laid over the head of a stripped screw to give extra grip to the screwdriver. Rubber bands can also be looped over a doorknob on the outside of the door, crossed, and looped over the doorknob on the inside. This holds the latch in and keeps the door from shutting fully – a good idea if you’re making lots of trips to carry in groceries or other items.

5. Newspaper

This stuff has lots of uses. Try polishing dark leather shoes with a crumpled sheet, or stuff them into shoes to help hold their shape. You can do the same thing with hats. I also put bits of old newspaper in my Bokashi buckets to keep the contents from getting too wet.

6. Sticky Notes

Use the sticky edge of one of these to clean between the keys of your keyboard. Just run it along the spaces between keys. Works for small crevices in furniture, too.

7. Colander

When you have people over, place ice cubes in a colander and set it on top of a bowl. The water drips down, so your guests don’t end up scooping water into their cups along with the ice.

8. Cassette Tape Cases

Remember those handy, clear cassette tape cases? If you still have some lying around the house, use them to store and stack small items, such as hair clips or jewelry. Then you can find what you need easily in the clear cases.

9. Tissue Boxes

Use an empty tissue box as a plastic grocery bag storage box and dispenser.

10. Aluminum Foil

Use this shiny stuff to cover doorknobs and light switches when you are painting the wall. Then you won’t accidentally get paint on them. Or put a sheet under or beside plants that don’t get enough sunlight — the light will bounce off of it onto the plants.

What multiple-use items are staples in your house?s Have I missed any out? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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