Trouble In (My Organic Garden) Paradise

It’s been enjoyable and fulfilling to visit my garden every morning, picking peas, and watching LIFE happening all around me.

But lately I’ve noticed that one of my rose bushes seems to be sick. It’s leaves are turning yellow and brown, and it has stopped blooming. Finally, today, I Googled these symptoms and identified the problem: black spot.


Also, my cucumber plants, although they’ve been growing and flowering and fruiting steadily, have started to develop white spots. Some of them with holes. It took me a few days to realize it was not powdery mildew but something worse: angular leaf spot.


Fortunately, there seems to be an easy and organic way to control the black spot. According to this post, I only need to spray my rose bushes (the affected one and the healthy ones, to prevent contamination) with one part milk to two parts water, once a week.

Unfortunately, the angular leaf spot is going to be much harder to manage. The only effective treatment, it seems, is a copper fungicide, which of course, I am not willing to use.

My only other recourse is to cut away the affected parts, water the cucumber plants only at soil level, avoiding getting the leaves wet, and not disturb them when they are wet (because that would spread the bacteria which caused the leaf spots).

I’m disappointed that Food4Wealth does not address these potential plant pests and diseases at all. What I’m getting is that, as long as you follow the Food4Wealth method, then your plants will not be affected by the usual pests and other problems.

I don’t think this is realistic, and it’s the first flaw I see in the Food4Wealth method.

I feel really sad about my cucumber plants. I hope I’m able to control the “infection” effectively, so that we get to harvest from them. My kids love cucumbers and have been looking anxiously at the tiny cucumbers every day, wondering and waiting when they can finally be picked.

Do you have any ideas for me?


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Alexis Rodrigo