June 14, 2013

Growing Watercress at Home

This year, I challenged myself to learn how to grow food. Yes, me, the lady whose house is “where plants come to die.”

That is me no more.

Here’s one of my educational experiments, where I’m growing watercress at home, in a container:

growing watercress at home in container

I bought watercress from the Oriental store, and then followed the simple instructions here.

The cuttings grew roots within two days of soaking in a bowl of water. Heck, some of the watercress I kept in the refrigerator to eat grew roots!

And as the blog post I linked to above says, the watercress will wilt when you first plant it in compost. Mine were wilted for maybe two days. Some of the lower leaves turned yellow. I was sure they had died. But after that, they perked up again.

Just some things to remember if you want to try growing watercress at home in a container (as opposed to a body of water, where watercress naturally grows):

  • Make sure your container drains well. I asked hubby to drain extra holes in the container I used.
  • If it doesn’t rain, water your watercress daily.
  • They seem to not enjoy full sun so much. I wanted the watercress on my deck, because it’s near the kitchen, but the deck is so exposed. So I placed the container beside the sides of the deck so it gets some shade from the deck rails.

I haven’t made up my mind what to do with my watercress when Winter comes. Should I bring it inside?

Have you ever tried growing watercress? How did you do it, and what results did you get? Do share!

PS: I also started a small veggie garden following the Food4Wealth method. But I haven’t been taking pictures of that, because I was afraid I’d fail, lol! Well, I will soon be posting pictures of my itty bitty vegetable garden. I have cucumbers, herbs, spring onions, peas, and carrots already growing in it. Not to mention the cherry tomatoes I started from seed. Update coming soon!

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