November 1, 2008

Natural Teething Remedies

No one can be happy all the time
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The mouth is your baby’s most developed sensory organ and a great source of pleasure. This pleasure can be discovered through feeding, sucking on a pacifier or fingers and, even though you hate it, sticking everything he comes across into his mouth. Then, these nasty teeth start breaking through the gums and the pleasure his mouth previously provided has been rudely interrupted.

Try to keep your baby as happy as possible by using the following natural remedies:

1. Cold Teether – Give your baby a cold teether. A teether with texture may provide extra satisfaction. Be careful providing a teether to a child with teeth. He could puncture it.

2. Cold Food – You can try a cold baby carrot for a child that doesn’t have teeth yet. If your child has teeth, he might choke on pieces of carrot. You can also give your child a frozen banana. As always, with any food you feed your baby, be sure to supervise closely.

[ad#ad-2] 3. Something to Chew on – Use teething biscuits in moderation once teeth appear as they can cause tooth decay.

4. Entertain your Child – Sometimes a simple distraction can help your baby forget his pain temporarily.

5. Rub your very clean finger against the gums – Your baby may object at first, but soon the counter pressure may provide some relief.

6. Cool Bottle of Water – This may help numb the soreness of the gums

A note on teething gels: Experts caution against the excessive use of teething gels as they contain benzocaine. There is a risk of allergic reaction. In addition, benzocaine can cause numbing of the throat and could lead to choking. Consult your doctor if you want to help relieve your child’s pain with benzocaine.


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To these natural teething remedies I would add the following:

– Try letting baby chew on a cold washcloth (dampen it and put in the freezer for a few minutes).

– My babies always wanted to chew on their toothbrush when teething. This is safe if you let them do it with supervision.

– The homeopathic remedies Chamomilla and Calcarea Carbonica are two of the most helpful for teething, or try a combination remedy. They are safe in low doses. Ask your homeopath for information.

Or try OralSoothe by Native Remedies, a 100% natural, safe and effective herbal remedy, especially formulated for teething babies.

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