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We often peruse the health food store looking for skin care products that contain the same ingredients that we already have in our kitchens. Most of these are things we’re eating every day to help us feel good, why not use them to look good too? Here are several healthy foods that can be used on the skin. Why not create your own skin home remedies with them?

Honey has antibiotic and antibacterial properties, making it a natural choice for troubled, acne prone or teenaged skin. Try warming it (place the container of honey in a bowl of hot water) then spreading on the face as a mask. Honey is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin. After cleansing your face and while it’s still damp, put one drop of honey in your palms, rub them together and pat on your face.

Honey is also excellent as a first aid item. The next time your little ones get a cut, put a little honey on the wound. Modern Doctors are recommending “moist wound healing”, ancient wisdom has used honey as a treatment for generations. In several studies published over the last decade, honey has proven itself as a healer.

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Mash a strawberry and apply it to your teeth. (Just don’t answer the door for the UPS man, he’ll think you’re nuts!) It whitens the teeth naturally and won’t cause tooth sensitivity like some commercial whitening products.

Strawberries mashed well can also be applied to the skin as a mask. It will brighten up a dull complexion. Those enzymes at work again!

Ground almonds (use almond butter or grind them yourself in the blender) are an excellent deep cleanser and exfoliant for the face, and the naturally occuring almond oil also moisturizes the skin.

Cleopatra bathed in milk, but she would have done one better if she had fermented it first. Use plain, whole milk yogurt on the face as a mask. It’s great for sensitive skin. Buttermilk can soothe a sunburn. Use it like a facial wash. Or add it to your bath for an allover skin treatment.

Green Tea
Green tea is getting more respect as studies uncover its anti-aging benefits. Brew it, cool it and splash on the face after cleansing. Splash once more with water to remove.

Olive Oil
Is it any coincidence that some of the most beautiful women in the world swear by olive oil as a beauty potion? If it works for Sophia Loren, it will work for you. Use olive oil as a makeup remover and nighttime moisturizer (remove the excess with an organic cotton pad if you don’t want greasy pillowcases). Olive oil plumps up the skin with moisture, making it appear more youthful. And be sure to get olive oil in your diet too.

Oatmeal is wonderful to soothe irritated, itchy skin. Grind it finely, mix with a little water and apply as a mask. Or use dry as an exfoliant.

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