October 15, 2009

Tips for Naturally Beautiful Hair

You’ve probably seen commercials on TV or in magazines asking why you would spend tons of money on salon brands when you can use their products for less. Well, the question is, why would you use their products when you can get healthy natural hair all on your own?

If you follow some quick and easy tips, you can save money and still have beautiful hair.

The first step in getting healthy hair is getting a healthy body.

Your hair needs nutrients just like the rest of you, so be sure to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and get plenty of water. Vitamins E, B, and C are all important for keeping your hair looking great.

Get your hair trimmed.

If you have longer hair, you may not go to the salon as often as you should. If you don’t need special cuts and it still looks good, that doesn’t mean your hair is healthy. You need to get your hair trimmed, or if you’re brave trim it at home, once every three months. This helps prevent split ends and other damage and will keep your hair looking great.

To keep your hair growing and healthy, massage your scalp regularly.

Or even better, get someone to do it for you. This not only stimulates hair growth, it also feels great, particularly after a long stressful day.

Use your hair accessories wisely.

Sure, you should brush your hair to help keep it from becoming a tangled mess, but you need to learn to do it gently rather than ripping right through knots and tangles. And try not to sleep with hair accessories in. If you must, use softer looser ones that will cause less damage. This will keep your hair from breaking and becoming a flyaway mess.

Use hair products that are actually natural.

A lot of hair care product use natural ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other ingredients that aren’t natural. Instead of just looking at the front of the label, turn the bottle around and look at the ingredient list. If there are names you can’t read, they’re likely not natural. You can also look for products with certifications; just be sure you know what a product needs to get a specific certification.

Occasionally, give your hair an extra boost by using a hair mask or oil treatment.

This will help treat damage that regular hair care couldn’t prevent, and will strengthen hair to prevent future wear and tear.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Many people give their hair extra care when the damage is already done, then go back to the same old routine once hair is brought back to a healthy radiance.

Whatever your hair care routine, remember to keep it up.

Give your hair special treatment before it’s likely to be damaged, like in the fall before the harsh winter wind and dry air, or in the spring before you spend all summer at the pool.

If you add a bit of extra time to your hair care routine, you’ll start having naturally gorgeous hair in no time.

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