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Cleaning Without Toxins – A Dirty Secret?

Toxin-Free Cleaning

Following is a guest post from Sally Collins, a freelance writer.

Being eco-friendly means avoiding commercial cleaning products as much as possible because so many of them contain chemicals which are harmful to the planet and to ourselves.

Lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda are great natural ingredients to use for most daily cleaning needs, but sometimes that is not enough. When you need something a bit stronger, how can you make sure you are using a product which is safe?Continue reading

5 Uses for Baby Furniture After Baby Grows Up

Don’t you just love finding multiple uses for things? If so, then you’ll enjoy this guest post. You don’t have to get rid of the baby furniture when your youngest baby grows up. Just check out all the possibilities below.

by Kaitlin Krull

Choosing furniture for your new baby’s nursery is exactly like shopping for a new car: exciting, nerve wracking, and so (so) expensive.

After months of searching for the right pieces to fit you and your family, you finally choose the perfect models. Once you’ve kitted out your baby’s room with the finest furniture money (and baby shower gift cards) can buy, you might think your job is done.

Fast forward five or 10 years, when your children have moved out of the nursery and are on to bigger and better things, like bunk beds, computer desks, and forts. Your precious furniture is left in the garage and you can see the money you’ve wasted.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! Over at Modernize, we know this sad story, and are here to help you out with a little upcycling DIY.

Here are five of the most ingenious (and simple) ways to reuse your baby furniture once your little one is all grown up.Continue reading

February 25, 2016

Neck Pain Means It’s Time for a New Pillow

Have you ever woken up with a crick in your neck? If so, maybe you need a different kind of pillow. Today’s guest post will walk you through the different considerations you need to make when choosing the most comfortable, most supportive pillow.

If you’ve swapped out your mattress and bought a new pillow but still wake up with neck pain in the morning, you might have chosen the wrong neck support. For people with chronic back and neck pain, there are any number of options for specialty pillows that can make every morning more pleasant.

Here’s a look at some of the fundamental considerations when choosing the perfect pillow for you.

How to choose a pillow

Why Pillows Matter

The basic reason we use a pillow is to keep our heads and necks in alignment with the rest of our bodies while we sleep. However, there are a lot of complicating factors that play a role in a pillow’s efficacy. For example, if you are a side sleeper but use a pillow that is too tall, you could wake up with shoulder pain or neck stiffness. Or, if you are a back sleeper but have a completely flat pillow, you are not getting the head support you need to sleep soundly and comfortably. Any specialty pillow you consider buying should hold your head in the proper position no matter which sleeping position you take during the night.Continue reading

An All-Natural Cleaner That Really Works? Yes, Please!

How do you keep your oven door clean and clear?

This problem has plagued me since I made oven baked fried chicken in a cast-iron skillet. And because I don’t use chemical-laden products, my options have been limited. Vinegar and baking soda are great for cleaning almost anything. But greasy oven doors with baked-in gunk? Not so good.

So for the longest time, I put up with an oven door so dirty, I couldn’t clearly see what I was baking.

That is, until I discovered Universal Stone Cleaner.

I’m going to pause from typing now, because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:Continue reading

September 3, 2013

5 Homemaking eBooks for only $7.40 — Today Only!

Homemaking ebooks
Do you love eBooks as much as I do?

I used to think they could never replace printed books, which I do still love.

But eBooks don’t take up space on my bookshelves. When waiting with nothing else to do, I have access to dozens of them through my iPhone or iPad.

The best part of all is they’re usually a lot less expensive than their printed counterparts.

If you’re also an eBook junkie, now’s a good time to load up on them. is making available their best-sellers this week only. These popular bundles are available for 24 hours each this week. That’s 5 books for only $7.40 — that’s $1.48 for each eBook!

Today the special offer is the Homemaking Bundle, which includes the following titles:Continue reading

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