August 24, 2020

I Joined A Local Gardening Community!

Gardening community

If you recall, in the previous post, I recommended joining a seed/plant exchange group on Facebook.

Well, I took my own advice and joined this one:

Windsor Seed Exchange

Here's a seed and plant exchange group I found after a quick search on Facebook.

A lot has happened since then.


  • given away all my extra lemongrass plants
  • received a couple of comfrey plants - I'm super excited about this because I've been looking high and low for comfrey seeds or cuttings to buy, but haven't found any. I also keep hearing about the many benefits of comfrey in an organic garden. So hooray!
  • am scheduled to pick up lavender plants tomorrow
Comfrey flowers

Comfrey has many benefits for a traditional garden.

While I've received free plants, thanks to the group, I've also given away a number of my own — including to someone who'd been looking in vain for lemongrass seeds.

It's great to give and to receive. 🙂

More importantly, I've met other gardening enthusiasts in my own neck of the woods.

They're male and female, young and old.

Some are newer than I am at gardening.

Others are expert enough to teach their own classes.

I also discovered that a number of people in my city are interested in foraging.

Foraging mushrooms

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a number of gardeners in my community are interested in foraging.

Now there's a skill for an apocalypse!

Anyway, I'm happy to finally have a group of like-minded people I can reach out to with questions specific to my locale.

Do you have a community of local gardening enthusiasts, too?

The Bottom Line:

Sharing your passion with a local group of gardeners helps you become more skillful — and successful. Not to mention, it makes growing more fun!

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