August 3, 2020

How Big Is the Tower Garden?

Tower Garden: How Big
How big is the Tower Garden?

That depends on which model you’re referring two. There are two models of the Tower Garden (click image to enlarge):

Tower Garden Flex vs Home Size Comparison

Tower Garden Flex

Tower Garden Flex size dimensions

The Tower Garden Flex grows food both outdoors and indoors.

The Tower Garden Flex is the classic Tower Garden. Designed originally for growing outdoors, it can, of course, also be used indoors with LED Grow Lights added.

The Tower Garden Flex is 62 inches high, and its water reservoir has a diameter of 30 inches. It can hold 20 gallons of water. 

This means the Flex can easily fit in a space that’s just 36 x 36 inches (3 feet square).

It also depends on what you're growing in your Tower Garden. If you’re going to grow something large that tends to crawl or spread, then your Tower will occupy a larger space. This is true for squashes and indeterminate tomatoes.

If you’re only interested in growing salad greens, herbs, and such, or if you’re short on space, then the Flex may not be the best option for you.

Tower Garden Home

Tower Garden Home Day & Night

The Tower Garden Home fits in smaller spaces.

The Tower Garden Home was designed specifically for growing smaller plants indoors. However, Tower Gardeners have successfully grown outdoors with their Tower Garden Home.

It’s slightly smaller than the Flex: 58 inches tall and 24 inches in diameter.

With its smaller size and daintier looks, the Home is suitable for even the coziest studio apartment. It fits in a 30 x 30-inch space.

Because it’s smaller than the Flex, the Home doesn’t hold as much water, just 13 gallons. This makes it less ideal for growing water-thirsty plants. If you do plant them in the Home, be prepared to top up the water in the reservoir more frequently.

Finding a Place for Your Tower Garden

Usually, the next question people have is, “Where should I place my Tower Garden?”

And certainly, the size of your Tower is a huge consideration when answering this question.

However, there are other things to consider:

1. Lots of Sunlight

Outdoor Tower Garden Flex Harvest

?If you’re growing outdoors, then you’ll want to place your Tower in a place that gets plenty of sunlight. This is especially true if you want to grow fruiting crops like cantaloupe, eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, and the like.

Indoors, this is less of a concern because you’ll be using the Tower Garden LED Grow Lights. Don’t think you can skip the indoor lights just because you place your Tower in front of a huge south-facing window. The glass blocks out UV rays, which plants absolutely need! So if you’re growing indoors, get the LED lights!

2. Fresh, Clean Water

You don’t want to be lugging gallons of water back and forth, both the first time you fill the reservoir, and whenever you top up the water level. And so, you’ll want to place the Tower in an area that’s reachable by a hose.

3. Power

The Tower Garden has a small pump that runs intermittently on and off, 24/7. So, place your Tower near a power outlet. 

If you need an extension cord and you’re growing outdoors, make sure to use an extension cord that’s specifically for outdoor use. It should be pretty thick and waterproof.

So far, we’ve discussed location factors to make your plants as happy as possible in your Tower Garden.

However, there are other things to think of that have something to do with your happiness. These might include:

  • The pump’s noise

The Tower Garden’s submersible pump does make a sound and the water cascading down the tower creates the sound of running water. It’s similar to a waterfall or fountain. 

Just how loud is the Tower Garden?

Out of curiosity, I tested the volume of the Tower Garden using an app on my phone. I stood right beside my Tower Garden and this is what I found:

How loud is the Tower Garden

On average, the Tower Garden emits a sound that's 63 decibels loud.

This sound level is similar to the noise level in a quiet office, speaking with someone who’s 1 meter away, or hearing someone laugh.

How Loud Is It Infographic

For this reason, it probably isn’t a good idea to have the Tower Garden in your bedroom.

With that said, you will eventually tune out the Tower’s sound after some time. Some people say they quite enjoy it and sometimes sit nearby to enjoy the calming sound of the water.

  • Proximity to your kitchen and/or dining room

The closer you have the Tower to your kitchen or dining room, the more likely you are to eat from it. You can’t get any fresher than when the food is just a few steps away from your pan or plate. This is healthy both for you and the plants in your Tower, because the more you harvest, the more they grow.

  • Bright grow lights

Tower Garden LED Indoor Grow Lights

The Tower Garden LED Indoor Grow Lights are bright.

The Tower Garden’s LED Indoor Grow Lights mimic sunlight and boy are they bright! And this is exactly why plants grow so well in the Tower Garden even indoors.

This also means they’ll light up whatever room you place the Tower in. Keep this in mind when you choose a spot for your Tower. Don’t put it where you or anybody else might get disturbed by the bright lights.

Finding a Place for the Tower Garden

With all this said, you can find a place in or around your home for the Tower Garden.

If space is limited, you'll have to get creative. You may need to move some furniture around or even eliminate some pieces altogether. That's okay. After all, no other furniture can grow your food all year round!

Here are unusual locations for a Tower Garden that I've seen around the internet:

  • ?in a mechanical room in the basement
  • in a closet
  • on a yacht

Remember, if there's a will, there's a way!

The Bottom Line:

As you can see, the Tower Garden’s size is only one of the factors that go into finding the ideal place for it in or around your home. Ultimately, you want to place your Tower in a spot where both you and your plants will be happy.

Tower Garden Home

Get Your Own Tower Garden

Reap the rewards of growing your own fresh and healthy food all year round! Even if you're not a green thumb, don't have a yard, or live in a cold climate (like I do!).

Enjoy the benefits of aeroponic gardening with the Tower Garden (US or Canada).

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